Emon Chatterjee launches his first Bengali Audio Songs Album “Icche Puron”

By Priyanka Dutta / WBRINN


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Kolkata, October 21 (Washington Bangla Radio):  Singer Emon Chatterjee became immensely popular after he participated in the 2007 reality show ‘Indian Idol 3’. Emon could not win the title and had to be happy being the second runner up in the show but this show gave him a platform to excel his career in Music. The singer then took part in shows like Ek Se Bardaar Ek on Zee TV, Jo Jeeta Who Superstar on Star Plus Channel and many more. The singer has also performed in numerous live stage shows in India and abroad. The singer recently launched his first music album “Icche Puron” in a star studded ceremony at Crossword on Elgin Road. Present at the music launch was eminent celebrities from the industry like Anupam Roy, Joy Sarkar, Shankar Chakraborty, Somlata acharya Chowdhury, Haimanti Shukla, Arundhuti Choudhury and Shivaji Chatterjee.

In a candid chat with WBRI correspondent, the singer threw light on the album and also on his other works. “This is my first album and I am very excited and nervous. The fact that so many reputed personalities took time out of their busy schedule to come for my album launch gives me immense pleasure. The album has seven songs. Apart from two songs which have been written and composed by Rakesh Dutta, the rest have been written and composed by me. There may be mistakes in my composition. This will be judged better by the people who will be listening to my songs” said the singer. The singer also highlighted on the fact that one need to reinvent himself in the course of time. “Once you start singing songs of other singers, you get yourself labeled as a non-aboriginal singer. This is not good for a singer. His brain becomes non-functional. I did not want that to happen to me. Hence I started composing the songs and made my mother listen to them. When she approved that they were not bad, I went forward with the making of a new album. Hence I gave the name of Icche Puron”. The singer will be busy with stage shows during the Pujas and he lamented missing the Durga Pujas of Kolkata. Emon initially sang folk songs and the singer felt privileged to have sung four folk songs in an upcoming Bengali film. The music director of the film is Kalyan Sen Borat and the music arrangement has been done by Pratap Roy.

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Music director Joy Sakar who was present at the music album launch was very optimistic and positive about the response that Emon will be getting for the music album. Joy who is a close acquaintance of Emon was very happy to be present at the album launch. The singer plans to spend time relaxing and gorging on good food while wife Lopamudra Mitra will be performing in stage shows in Bangalore.

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Emninent singer Haimanti Shukla was very positive about the changes taking place in the Bengali music scenario. “Bengali music has grown by leaps and bounds with the passing of time. The coming of new comers in this industry is a good sign and will help us to overcome the hurdles that the industry has been facing recently” said Haimanti Shukla.

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Emon’s debut album “Iccha Puron” hopefully will fulfill the wish of the singer to make a mark in the music scenario. We wish all his wishes related with the album come true.