Interview:Tete-a-tete with Aryann, The young actor who played Kakababu’s Santu in New Bangla Movie Mishawr Rawhoshyo

By Priyanka Dutta / WBRINN

Mishawr Rawhoshyo santu

Kolkata, October 17 (Washington Bangla Radio): Aryann Bhowmik won the hearts of the audience with his role as Prosenjit’s Son in the highly successful movie ‘Chalo paltai’. He will again be seen with Prosenjit as he is playing the role of ‘Shontu’ in the upcoming Bengali film Misor Rohosyo based on the Shontu-Kakababu series written by Late writer Sunil Gangopadhaya. In an exclusive interview with WBRi correspondent Priyanka Dutta, the actor talks at length about his upcoming film and also about his passion.

Aryann Bhowmik is a student of St. Peter’s College in Kolkata from where he is pursuing B.A. in English Honours. He is extremely passionate about acting and this is the reason why the actor finds it easy to balance studies and work. Aryann loves to read non-fiction books. The actor also likes to read the novels written by Sidney Sheldon. Recently he has got fond of the Meluha series written by Amish.  

Acting in the mainstream movies and pursuing a demanding course like English Honours simultaneously is never easy. Aryann is very thankful for the support that his friends and his college authorities have been providing him that has made it possible.

The actor has a bag full of memories about his shooting experiences of Mishawr Rawhoshyo. From shooting within the Pyramids to experiencing bumpy jeep and camel rides- the shooting was full of adventures. Working with Prosenjit Chatterjee for the second time after Cholo Paltai is more than a blessing, feels Aryann. “I got to learn many aspects of acting from the film. In the previous film (Cholo Paltai) I had goosebumps on the day I first gave a shot with Bumba Uncle. But from the next day, I looked forward to sharing screen space with him. This film (Mishawr Rawhoshyo) has been a great platform for learning and I learned a lot from Srijit da and Bumba Uncle” said the actor. Assisting Srijit Mukherjee in the directorial department in this film has been a great learning experience for him. The actor is very positive about the outcome of the film and he cannot wait to watch the film on big screen.

tollywood actor prosenjit chatterjee

The actor who has been taking acting classes after the film Cholo Paltai wants to work in every genre of films. According to him, there are only two kinds of films- good and bad. The other genres like action, dance or romantic are all created by us. He wants to be remembered as an actor who can perform any kind of role. He is training himself for that purpose. Apart from the acting classes, Aryann also has been taking dance classes for the past couple of years. A black belt holder in Karate, he is leaving no stones unturned to groom himself to give his best on screen.

director srijit mukherji

The actor claims himself to be a big foodie. Though he may have the lean look, he eats a lot. His favorite food is the Mutton Biriyani from Shiraz Hotel. It is the immense workout he needs to go through while practicing karate that keeps him so lean.

When he is not acting, Aryann is busy shooting short films with a couple of his friends. The actor plans to complete a short film after Misor Rohosyo is released. “Frame per second” is the name of the group with which the actor is involved in the making of short films.

The actor idolizes Prosenjit Chatterjee. “I have grown up reading his interviews. For me, the Bengali film industry means Bumba Uncle. My father used to make me read his interviews. I have always admired him and working with him now is a dream come true for me” said the young talent.

Aryann who changed his name from Devdaan believes in numerology. The actor bagged the role of Shontu in Mishawr Rawhoshyo after the change of his name. “If the changing of my name can bag me a role in such a great film, why not opt for it?” said the actor with a smile.  

The actor who does not have an account in any of the social networking sites is not much aware of his female fans. Apart from busy acting schedules and studies, he hardly has time for anything else. This may be the reason for his not keeping track of any female fans. “Life has become more happening and exciting now” feels Aryann after he turned an actor. His family members and friends are equally excited about his movies.

“I am too young to think whether I will be directing films in future” said Aryann when asked whether he wanted to follow in the footsteps of actor turned directors like Parambrata or Rudranil.

The actor is busy with his next film “Window Connection” and is also busy reading some scripts. The Young Turk who is ready for any kind of acting challenges will be seen playing a dark character in the film Window Connection.

The actor is so passionate about his acting that he gets nightmares thinking what he would have done had he not become an actor.