Interview: Tollywood actress Arunima Ghosh on New Bangla Movie "Nayika Sangbad", Her Next Film and More

By Awrko Roy / WBRINN

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If the film Nayika Sangbad has brought a change in someone’s life, then it is none other than Tollywood actress Arunima Ghosh. The pretty, chirpy and adorable actress bagged her deserving appreciation for her character Dia Chatterjee around whom the storyline of Nayika Sangbad revolves. After the great reception of Nayika Sangbad, Arunima is in the focal point of the media. And with the look of things it seems that a new innings has begun for her. WBRi correspondent Awrko Roy indulged in a casual ‘adda’ with Arunima to delve a bit deeper into her thoughts. Excerpts:  

Arunima was asked by WBRi correspondent about her reaction after the release of Nayika Sangbad. She said “It always feels good when your work gets appreciated by everybody. Nayika Sangbad is very close to my heart the memories of which I will cherish throughout my life. I had come to the industry at a very young age. I had to work very hard to get myself known in the industry. In the initial days I used to do films where the female lead will not be me but any other sweet girl who would get to do all the dances and romance with the hero. I was being type cast as a second or third female lead only. So I decided to restrict myself to the few lead roles that I was being offered. May be people thought that I am on the verge of leaving the industry. Actually I never even thought of that. I was waiting for the right moment to arrive and that is why the wait treaded to Nayika Sangbad. But I am not thinking about restricting myself to lead roles only. Perceptions of audience have changed now. Unlike the past it’s not only the leads who take away all the credits. Nowadays what matters most is the character one is going to play. So I shall judge the characters by their depth as I will try to do more versatile characters.”

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When asked about director Bappaditya Bandopadhyay, she said “He is a mentor to me. He taught me the language of the film. It feels good when you work with a man of heavy potentiality. We have worked on a subject where a lot of sensual moments had to be included for the demand of the scene. A little deviation of aesthetics could have turned them into vulgarity. But Bappaditya da held the balance of the sensual graph and never let it trespass the line of sanity. After the premiere, I was too overwhelmed with joy to speak when Bappaditya da asked me whether I am happy or not and I am sure he already knew the answer.”

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She also let us know that she was about to work with Bappaditya much before Nayika Sangbad but for some reasons it did not materialize. She even once bumped into him in a mall but there was no exchange of words between them. With a smile on her lips she said “I called up Bappaditya Da and told him that I want to work with him. Then he called me for a screen test and then I was finalized for Nayika Sangbad.”

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Asking about her forthcoming commitments, she said that she is again going to be a part of Bappaditya Bandhopadhay’s next venture.

When asked about the real life contrasts between herself and her on screen character Dia Chatterjee, she smiled and said “Dia and me are different persons. We belong to two different poles. Dia is a superstar. She is very manipulative and tactful. She knows how to get rid of hostile situations. On the contrary Arunima is never so complex and never would be. She loves to watch movies, hang around with friends and loves to eat food and will keep deriving happiness from such simple things.”

As the festive season has already begun, her Durga Puja plans could not be ignored and a request to share the same was obvious. Speaking candidly about her puja plans she said “I will wear traditional dresses which will include sari and salwar suits. I am fortunate to be the inaugurator of some pandals. I will hang around with friends and family members. I will definitely indulge into treating my taste buds with different kind of delicacies. May be during these days I will put on some weight as I am not going to compromise with being a foodie.”

A request for a rapid fire round was gladly accepted by Arunima. Words on her mind about Bappaditya were “good director, a mentor and a good person.” When Arunima was told to share what adjectives come to her mind with the two names of her male costars, Indraneil Sengupta’s name was tagged with the term “very professional” and Samdarshi was quoted as “good actor.”

Nayika Sangbad undoubtedly has commenced a new chapter in Arunima’s career. The beautiful Bengali Tollywood actress is back in a big way and is ready to take on newer challenges. Hopefully she will come up with finer performances in near future.