Bangla Movie Khiladi stars Nusrat Jahan and Ankush visit the sets of CID; An episode with the stars

By Awrko Roy / WBRINN

television serial CID

Kolkata, October 16 (Washington Bangla Radio); Ankush and Nusrat promoted their upcoming film ‘Khiladi’ on the sets of CID Kolkata Bureau, popular television soap. Recently an episode of CID was shot with the stars of ‘Khiladi’. Eskay’s much hyped movie was recently released during Durga Puja.

In this exclusive episode audience will get to see an interesting plot involving Nusrat and Ankush. While having a conversation with Kaushik Chakraborty, popularly known as the CID chief, we came to know that in this episode Nusrat is being disturbed by her obsessed lover from past. She then approaches the CID. How the CID team handles the case will be shown in the episode. On this occasion, Ankush and Nusrat spoke to WBRi.

Ankush was asked by WBRi about his character in Khiladi. He disclosed that Khiladi is a film based on the various aspects of Durga Puja. He also said that this film is a full family entertainer where audience will get the feel of humor and mind dribbling comedy. I am playing the character of a Muslim guy who takes the disguise of a Bengali Brahmin. He does this to get involved in the rituals of Durga Puja of a well renowned family and this leads to some hilarious incidents.”

poster nusrat jahan khiladi

 He also told that “Through this film we will convey a message about the ills of caste distinction. I feel that this message will be the most striking point of the film. Audience will love the fresh concept of this film.”

ankush-nusrat khiladi

Ankush was asked about his love for dance and the dance form that he would love to explore in his next projects. He smiled and said “Dance is my passion. Whenever I look forward to sign a film, I always enquire whether I am getting an opportunity to dance. I prefer dance over action sequences. I would love to explore hip hop dance form a bit more in films as I feel I can do it well.”

On being asked about his view on the soap CID, he revealed that CID is one of his favorite television shows. He said that he is really thrilled and excited to work with the team of CID in the shoot. “I love the way the team of CID investigates the cases.”

When asked about his plans for Durga Puja, Ankush said “In this year the feeling is different as my film is releasing. So I will be busy promoting my film. On the auspicious day of Ashtami, I will be heading towards my hometown Bardhaman to celebrate the rest of the days with family and close buddies. Last year I missed the Puja as I was in Bangkok for a shoot. So I want to make up for the fun I missed last year. Hope my film does well and my enjoyment with Durga Puja will be really special then.”

While having a candid chat with Nusrat Jahan, she revealed that she is playing the character of Pooja in ‘Khiladi’. She belongs to a conservative family. Her character Pooja is very naughty and she loves to play pranks on everybody.

About the CID series she told “I love this show. Perhaps this is the only television show that I am seeing for last ten years. I love the way the investigations are shown. If I get an opportunity to play a character in CID, I would love to do it.”

She was also asked about her interest to work in Bollywood projects, she revealed that “In Bollywood the term explore means exploit. I got an offer from a big house and that too with a big superstar. But I felt something fishy in that and I moved away from it.” She also revealed that she would love to do films where she can wear the beautiful sarees and can do romance on the snow covered regions of Switzerland.

Khiladi that released on 11th October is a full on masala entertainer entertaining the audience during Durga Puja.