Usha Uthup inaugurates M3 outlet at Park Street; A specialty store for the music lovers

By Priyanka Dutta / WBRINN

usha uthup

Kolkata, October 16 (Washington Bangla Radio): She was as happy as a small child who was given her favorite chocolate as a gift. Her joys knew no bounds. You must be wondering who this happy person is? She is none other than the reputed singer Usha Uthup. She was present at the inauguration of the M3 shop in Park Street and this was her reaction when the singer came for the inauguration.

“People in Kolkata are now so sad over so many issues. I find nearly six out of ten individuals complaining about something. For example, the closing down of Music World which was a sad affair is still now an issue which many people lament over. But that must not be the case. Instead of grieving over the fact that a shop like Music World closed down, we must instead focus on the fact that many people are taking initiatives for the music lovers and opening shops like M3. People must encourage these people and take steps to make their business a grand success. Personally I am very happy to come at the inauguration of the shop” said Usha Uthup. The singer checked out many CDs and even bought a few of them as she wanted to be the “First customer of the shop”.

M3 is a part of Britannia Talking Machine Company which was established in the year 1941. They are in the trade of physical format sales of music and movies since 1981 and they also have their own video label in the name of Shradha. Since 2005, the company started their chain of music retail stores in the city. The company believes in the physical sales and to show this solidarity to the people, the company is investing in the field of music retail by opening new stores.

park street music store

The store which opened at Park Street is a two storey building. The first storey has CDs, VCDs, DVDs, MP3s of Hindi, Bengali and English Films, while the second storey has Bluray Disc, headphones of various companies and song listening facility. Usha Uthup listened to some songs in the second storey of the shop. She even checked out a few headphones and enquired whether the shop had stocks in headphones which can be used in studios.

usha uthup bengali songs

“My earliest memory of Durga Pujo was during my first visit to the city. I was so awe-struck and flabbergasted with the Durga Idols that I could not speak for some time. It was a mind boggling experience for me. The beauty of the idols mesmerized me” said the singer. The singer who is a regular customer of Weaver’s Studio and Kanishka for her sarees, had already completed her Puja shopping and was all ready to welcome the Mother Goddess.

Usha Uthup believes that the condition of the music industry is not bad as it looks from outside and the problems that persist can be handled. With shops like M3 opening in the city, she feels that 2014, will be the year of music rejuvenation in the city of Kolkata.