Interview: Karan Sharma; Former Radio Jockey and Indian Television Actor Karan talks about his next film Rajula

Karan Sharma

Mumbai, October 16 (Washington Bangla Radio): A former Radio Jockey and a well known Indian Television Actor with serials such as Crime Patrol, Savadhaan India, Kunki Jeena Isi Ka Naam hai, etc Karan Sharma debut film as main lead is Rajula.

Rajula is releasing all over in India on 18th October, 2013 under PVR director’s cut rare. Karan in an interview…

Tell us about the film Rajula…

Rajula is based on the famous folk tale of Uttarakhand, Rajula-Malushahi, and as I belong to Almora, the cultural capital of Uttarakhand, it was obvious I could relate to the soul of the story (Rajula). This was the main reason of selecting this as my debut film. Plus the narration of the film is awesome the film is not just showing you the epic saga of love rather it has layers of journey of Rajula. It shows the inner strength of woman then and now.

Our film has weaved two different eras together for the narration of our story. One track shows the old story of Rajula and Malushahi. The second track is the present age

Tell us about your character Ravi in ‘Rajula’…

Ravi is documentary film maker who settled in US for 7 years after his parents died in a car accident. Currently in the film he is came to India for his next research project, Rajula-Malushahi. As Ravi’s belongs to the Uttarakhand in film, he decided to take on a epic story of Rajula-Malushahi for his next documentary.

The most interesting point here I want to point is that the character Ravi while in the research of the story finds ample similarities with his own life.

Interview Karan Sharma

How was your total experience of shooting in Uttarakhand?

The beauty of Uttarakhand is mesmerizing the whole experience of shooting was great too. There were quite intense scene emotional scenes we shot like sword fighting ones or the emotional ones; the locations added the extra factor to the scenes. This is brilliantly comes out on screen.

How is the working experience with the cast and director?

Working with Hemant Pandey was an experience in itself. He uses to bring fun and very helpful at shoots. And it was great experience working with other actors who are famous in the state and theatre fields.

Director Nitin was very specific and particular about what he wanted out of any particular scene. And let me tell you an interesting fact that we also shared a scene in front of the camera. Yes, we both acted in a scene together, and that too, in a sword fighting sequence. (Laughs) Our coordination showed there very well.

It’s a great film and we enjoyed every bit of it in the making and we tried to bring an epic love story in a very modern approach with focus being on the persons evolved in the story. And we tried to showcase the true picture of our so called changing society that still is different towards the female and male.