Band Robi O Nobin releases two Bengali Audio Songs albums “Dheere Dheere” and “Diary”

By Priyanka Dutta / WBRINN

new bangla band robi o nobin

Kolkata, October 9 (Washington Bangla Radio): Robi O Nobin is a new band which has made its appearance in the Bengali music scenario.  Comprising of six members namely, Soumitro Ray, Irene Sarkar, Robin Lai, Chicky, Monty and Arjyesh Ray, the band launched two music albums recently at New Light Media Centre. The first album that they launched is “Dheere dheere” while the second album is called “Diary”. Dheere Dheere is brought out by Picasso Entertainments while Diary is by Inreco. Sraboni Sen, Upal Sengupta, Surojit Chatterjee graced the occasion and inaugurated the music album Cds.

Soumitro Ray speaking on the occasion of the music album launch said “The band Robi o Nobin has been made purely on demand. I have always associated with singing songs for my band. I could not break this tag that most people have labeled me with. It was during a visit to America when I was singing Rabindrasangeet that my friends suggested me to sing songs by Tagore. Along with much help from Robin Lai who is experienced as a musician and sound technician, I decided to start this band. I have earlier worked with Irene and I know that her main forte is Rabindrasangeet. I have found in many projects that her voice blends easily with all songs and hence I chose her. Subhamoy’s bass guitar’s adaptability to suit to the various genres of music is also what is required in Robi o Nobin. My son Arjyesh’s capacity to hold the rhythm on drums with great calm finally gives me the freedom to be on the stage and sing”.

Dheere Dheere album has songs of Tagore which have been picked up randomly by Soumitro. The songs are of slow rhythm and hence the name of the album is Dheere Dheere. Some of the songs in this album includes “J rate more duarguli”, “Amar poran jaha chay”, “ami poth bhola ek pothik esechi” and “sokhi bhabona kahare bole”. There are eight songs in the album. The main striking feature of this audio album is the use of the Western instruments. “The other albums on Rabindrasangeet use the traditional instruments. With the help of this music album, we will be proving that western instruments can also be used for the songs of Tagore” said Soumitro.

new bengali audio songs

The other album “Diary” has ten songs catering to various moods. As an individual writes his many experiences and thoughts in a diary, the songs in this album are varied and different. “Maa go” is dedicated to all mothers, “Melar Gaan” is about a village fair, “aami traffic constable” is for the Kolkata police traffic constables, “O akash o parabar” is a song of introspection written by Manoj Mitra for his play Aschorjo Funtoese. The songs are all different in content and style. The song “Aami traffic constable” is already a rage with the Kolkata Police, informed Soumitro Ray.

new bengali audio songs

The music of Robi O Nobin is a blend of tradition and heritage. The music of this band binds a cocoon to merge diverse feelings and surges straight from the heart.