Tiyasha (2013): Movie Review, Story, Poster; New Kolkata Bangla Movie on the intricacies of human emotions and relations

By Sayan Roy Chaudhuri  / WBRINN


tiyasha 2013 movie review

Kolkata, October 9 (Washington Bangla Radio): There is no denying the fact that the content of Bengali movies is highly relationship based. The recently released movie Tiyasha highlights this aspect again. Though the Animesh Roy directed movie has two very versatile actors in the lead, i.e. acting powerhouse Saswata Chatterjee and seasoned actress Chandreyee Ghosh (known for her performances in films like Dosar, Kaal and Mehulboner Serang), the film falters due to its weak storyline.

Sudipto (Saswata Chatterjee) is a highly talented music artist and has a great passion towards it. To pursue his ambition of making it big in the Music industry he denies accepting his father’s enviable wealth and all the comforts it could provide. But after a brief period at the music industry he realizes that his ambition is taking him nowhere. After realizing that that he is a failure as a musician and is unlikely to be anything contrasting in that field, he decides to take up a marketing job. He does take up the marketing job as his financial condition is steeply on the decline and he desperately needs a job to survive, but he never could adjust being a marketing executive. He soon gets frustrated and decides to leave the job and start his own business. Among many of Sudipto’s faux pas, one was of not informing his loving and caring wife Riya ( Chandreyee) about his decision. Riya on the other hand had enough of her irresponsible and fickle minded husband. She had been tolerating Sudipto for quite a while and now she decides to leave him on his own. So she leaves with Tojo (Soham) their only child. The rest of the story is about how the family reunites through an emotional journey full of ups and downs.

The story though tries to portray the nitty griities of emotions that we go through in our everyday life, has nothing new to offer.  The filmmakers should have understood that the era of ‘only emotion’ is fast passing away. A film of over two hours of only emotional elements is bound to be heavy on the audience and it does become a boring movie to watch.

Saswata cannot help but perform well in whatever he does and he gives his best in this film too. Chandreyee compliments him well too. Child artist Soham is also a revelation and it is a safe bet to say that the kid will grow up into a fine actor. Such effortless is his acting at this very tender age. One would surely like the individual performances but the poor script drowns every effort of the actors to save the film. This film is a good example of how a poor script and weak storyline can be the ultimate factor that can put a film in a coffin.