New Kolkata Bangla Movie “Daag” announced at Press Club

By Priyanka Dutta / WBRINN
new bangla movie daag

Kolkata, October 9 (Washington Bangla Radio): The announcement of new Bengali film “Daag” recently took place at an event at Press Club. Present at the event was actor Abhishek Chatterjee, director Rudranil Chowdhury, Sampa Ray, Pronob Kumar Guha and Robin Mondol. Daag is the maiden venture of Minati films.

“The film Daag is based on real life incidents. The setting of the film is in a town called Kalikapur. Most of the people living in this town are well off and educated. One such family is the Chowdhury family which has been residing in this town for four generations. The film is about Saheli one of the members of the Chowdhury family. She is very romantic by nature. She falls in love with Tirtho, her private tutor. Their love is not accepted by the conservative family of the girl. The family members ask Tirtho to leave the town and also from Saheli’s life as well. Tirtho agrees to their proposal and decides to leave Kalikapur. However Tirtho gets killed. Saheli is married off and after marriage her husband Soumya finds that Saheli has some psychological problems. He consults famous psychiatrist Swaraj Basu and comes to know about her past life tragedy. To know about the rest of the story, audiences will have to wait for the release” said director Rudranil Chowdhury. The director stressed on the experimental treatment of the film. This is a suspense thriller and has been treated in a unique way. The film has been divided into two halves- the first half is about Saheli’s love and the second is about her dealing with the psychological problems.

new kolkata bengali movie

Actor Abhishek Chatterjee who plays the role of the brother Ambar said “I play the role of Ambar in the film. I am Saheli’s brother. Ambar is not good in studies unlike the other members of the Chowdhury household. However the relationship that he shares with his sister is unique. The relationship between the sister and the brother is of great importance in the film. This is all I can tell now about the film”.

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Diptanil Chowdhury the music director of the film was also present at the film announcement. “Music plays an important role in the film. The background music is important as this is a thriller. There is a lot of silence used in the film. In such situations the reaction of the actors has to be shown though silence. Hence composing the music for the film is indeed very challenging” said Diptanil Chowdhury.

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The film has been produced by Rabin Mondol and the story has been written by Rudranil Chowdhury. Samadarshi Dutta (Tirtho), Pamela Mondol (Saheli), Anuradha Roy (Saheli’s mother), Biswajit Chakraborty (Saheli’s father), Arun Banerjee ( Swaraj Basu), Vikram Chatterjee (Soumya) and Ramen Roy Chowdhury (Saheli’s Father-in-law) are also part of the project. The absence of the lead pair was a disappointment for the media and the assembled guests though.

The film will begin shooting from the end of September.