Rangbaaz (2013): New Bangla Movie Preview, Story, Trailer; The Dev-Koel pair coming back in a big way

By Jyoti Prakash Mandal / WBRINN
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Kolkata, October 8 (Washington Bangla Radio): Yet another South Indian film is finding its way into Bengali film Industry as ‘Rongbaaz’ is slated to hit the screen during the festive season. The film is the Bengali remake of the hit Telegu movie ‘Chirutha’ which released in the year 2007. The movie which was directed by ace South Indian director Puri Jagannath is remembered as the debut vehicle of Superstar Raja Charan Teja. The Bengali version is directed by directed by Raja Chanda while Tollywood heartthrob Dev will fill in the shoes of Ram Charan Teja. Koel Mallik will be playing the female lead which was played by Neha Sharma in the original version.

The story of the film goes like this:

An auto driver becomes the witness of a murder. He confronts the murderers and holds onto them until the cops come to the spot and arrest them. But the criminals get out of the lock up almost immediately and barges into the auto drivers home that night to seek revenge. They murder the auto driver who used to live with his wife and minor son Raj. The wife also gets injured but survives. A huge amount of money is needed for the surgery of Raj’s mother. In this situation a deal comes his way. Raj has to take all the criminal charges of a local mafia leader’s son and go to jail for him and the mafia don will pay for the surgery of his mother. Raj agrees to the deal and does accordingly. After serving twelve years Raj comes out of prison. He is grown up now and from here Dev plays the role of the grown up Raj.

Raj takes up the job of a tourist guide. On a tour to Bangkok he meets Madhurima (Koyel). He also gets into a fight with a rogue named Sanju and his goons who are disturbing Madhurima. Soon love starts to blossom between Raj and Madhurima. In the meantime Raj reveals that he is actually on a mission and his real motive of coming to Bangkok is to kill his father’s killer. He also informs Madhurima that Sanju is none other than the son of his father’s killer. The roller coasters ride and a string of unexpected events starts soon after which leads the film to its climax.

Apart from Dev and Koyel the film also stars Rajatava Dutta who will be playing the role of Koyel’s  father. Bharat Kaul will be seen as the murderer of Raj’s father and is thus portraying the role of the antagonist. This production by Surinder films is going to be the first screen appearance of Koyel Mallik after her marriage to Nispal Singh.

Jeet Ganguly is the music director of this film and singers like Benny Dayal, Monali Thakur, Mikha Singh, Akriti Kakkar, Arijit Singh have lend voices for the songs.

Rangbaaz Theatrical Trailer (Rangbaaz) (Full HD) (2013) (You Tube)