Movie Review: Bakita Byktigato; After Shobdo, Ritwick shines with the brilliance of Bakita Byaktigoto

Awrko Roy / WBRINN

bakita byktigato review

Kolkata, October 3 (Washington Bangla Radio): Bakita Byaktigoto has every potentiality to be one of most memorable films of the year. The film is directed by debutant director Pradipta Bhattacharya and is produced by Tripod entertainment. Creative experimentation propels our culture forward. The film proves Pradipta’s mettle and class among the New wave directors who are enriching Bengali film industry. Bakita Byaktigoto is a film that excels in every aspect of film making.

Coming to the story of the film, the story banks on the life of an amateur documentary filmmaker Promit who wants to make a documentary on a subject called ‘love’. While conducting his research for his documentary, he visits a magical village known as Mohini where people are bound to get stuck in cupid’s arrow. He falls in love with a girl named as Shampa. Love in form of simplicity is shown through this film and the experience Promit gathers through his documentary is enough to liberate him from the fret and fever of this materialistic world.

The film stars Ritwick in the lead role. He plays the character of Promit. The man from award winning film Shobdo steals the show again with his marvelous performance. His performance as Promit looks natural and is surely to be notified as the best performance till now. The way he behaves in his character Promit takes acting to a next level. The film introduces many non actors but the way each has been treated was impressive. Not a single character looked unreal and unnatural.

Besides Ritwick, the audience shall see notable performances from actors like Churni Ganguly, Debesh Roy Chowdhury, Monu Mukherjee, Sudipa Basu and Supriyo Dutta. Aparajita Ghosh –the mischievous chirpy girl is very much convincing as Shampa. Shampa’s chemistry with Promit looks great. Veteran actress Madhabi Chatterjee’s performance as the grand mother of Shampa will bring a smile on the faces of the audience.

The most striking part of the film is the narration. The narration of the film is portrayed in a documentary style. The whole credit goes to the cinematographer Suvankar Bhar. The way he presents the compositions is exceptionally good. The canvas looks real and is closer to life. The landscape of Mohini village –the place of love as shown in the film was outstanding. The whole film is seen through the perception of the character Promit.

The music was well synchronized with the theme of the film. The tracks of Anindo Sundar Chakraborty give the feel of deeply rooted culture of Bengali community. The uses of folk songs blended with a guitar strumming in the sequences gives justifications urban and rural mood.

One outstanding aspect of the film is its editing and the whole credit goes to Pradipta Bhattacharya who has edited the film himself. The way he has edited the contrast of the real and the virtual world is something to watch out for. The director has intelligently weaved both the surreal and real elements skillfully. A few scenes and dialogues from the real life characters shown in the film add the flavor of humor to the film.

Bakita Byaktigoto is a film that shall take the standard of Bengali films to a new level. The film has an essence that the audience will love. A film like Bakita Byaktigoto is very much needed for the survival of parallel cinema among the much hyped commercialized films. Pradipta’s film gives a new feel on the screen. The novel attempt by Pradipta Bhattacharya is definitely worth a watch.