YRF Merchandise cheers to ‘Live Life, YRF Style!’, Announces new contest

YRF Merchandise

Mumbai, Oct 31, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio) YRF Merchandise is yet again treating their fans with their favorite merchandise. The brand has commenced a new contest on their digital platforms named ‘Live Life, YRF Style’. The contest is going to be a 4 day activity where each day will be theme based.

The participants will have to answer two questions everyday about YRF films to test their filmy aptitude. The contestant who displays maximum participation with their filmy knowledge will be announced as the winner. The winner will be gratified with exclusive and fancy YRF Merchandise which will be collected from the nearest Bombay Store. The contest will be held for four consecutive days and each day a new winner will be declared.

YRF Merchandise’s growing popularity is very much visible in the enthusiasm of their fans to participate in this contest. The digital platforms are buzzing with excitement as the fans and followers are eagerly waiting to get their hands on the exclusive merchandise.

Ever since the launch of YRF Merchandise earlier this year, the brand has taken off very well as YRF fans love the idea of getting a memento of their favorite YRF films.

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