Interview: Singer Pankaj Chaturvedi on New Album "Awaz dil se" and Working with Pyarelal Sharma of Laxmikant-Pyarelal Fame

Pyarelal, Pankaj Chaturvedi and Sameer
Pyarelal, Pankaj Chaturvedi and Sameer

Mumbai, Oct 30, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio) It is said that the dreams seen with eyes open often come true and one such dream will turn to reality of Singer Pankaj Chaturvedi.  Pankaj had always been passionate about music. He had won many competitions as a child and one of the prestigious awards that came his way was winning Star Trek Talent Hunt competition organized by ABCL in 1995. After having served Baskin Robbins as board of director for 10 years Pankaj is now the executive director of Rich Graviss Company. Pankaj’s debut music album “Aawaaz dil se” will soon be launched by “Eternal Dreams” Music Company. The attractive asset of the album is the music which is composed by the living legend Pyarelal Sharma of Laxmikant-Pyarelal fame. With this album not only Pankaj is making a debut in music industry but the album is also special as Pyarelal returns after a decade of exile as a composer.

Excerpts from the exclusive interview of Pankaj Chaturvedi:

How did you meet Pyarelal Sharma?

I am a big fan of Pyarelalji’s music. Once when I met him I summed up the courage and told him that I wish to work with him and I hummed a few lines of a song. After listening to the song, Pyarelalji agreed to work with me. His consent meant everything to me; I was overwhelmed and full of joy. I never thought that a mere word yes and a nod of assent would make me so happy! I hadn’t experienced such happiness even when I won the ABCL Star Trek Talent hunt contest.

Tell us something about your album.

My album “Aawaaz dil se” will be released by music company “Eternal Dreams”. It has 6 songs in it and the lyrics have been penned by Sameer and all the songs have been blended into melodious music by ace composer Pyarelalji. One of the songs in the album is a tribute to my mother, there is one romantic number and also few remix songs in the album.

Why is your album named as “Aawaaz dil se‘’?

The album has been christened by Pyarelalji. He believes that a voice which comes from the heart reaches million other hearts. So the album has been aptly named as “Aawaaz Dil se”. Sing from your heart and reach million other music loving hearts that’s how it ought to be!

How was the experience of working with Pyarelalji?

It was a dream come true for me. The experience was splendid; you cannot seam this experience in words!

In this album “Aawaaz dil se” you have sung with your heart but what else will attract the listeners to this album?

The most attractive thing about the album is that the listeners get to listen to Pyarelalji’s music after a decade. Apart from that, we have recorded with a live orchestra after so many years! Also the album has the song “Main shayar toh nahi” which is been sung by 100 people in chorus. Not one but there are many things that make this album unique.

So will we be seeing you in the role of the playback singer after this album?

I am wishing the same and also that that my album garners much love and appreciation from the audience.

You aspire to sing for which Bollywood actor?

Pankaj Chaturvedi

I wish to sing for the world’s beloved Bollywood actor Amit ji.

Making a video on the album songs is the trend of the day, so have you made a video of any song?

Yes, we have made a video of the song “Maa” and it is directed by “My friend Ganesha” fame director Rajiv Ruia.