Obhishopto Nighty (Bengali Movie): The story of a négligée looking to romance

By Jyoti Prakash Mandal

Parambrata Chatterjee in Obhishopto Nighty - A Film by Birsa DasguptaKolkata, October 22, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio) Very soon Bengali film director Birsa Dasgupta is going to invoke a curse on the audience. His upcoming movie Abhisopto Nighty is all about a cursed female night dress which brings trouble and unexpected happenings to every person it comes into contact with.

Many may make a mistake by thinking that the story of this Srikant Mohta produced film has similarity with the novel ‘Panty’ by Sangeeta Banerjee in which the panty urges the inner desire of unfulfilled love. But according to director Birsa Dasgupta there is no analogy with between the two stories. While the novel ‘Panty’ has element of vengeance in it, the story of the nighty written by Devalaya Bhattacharya is all about love.

The film will be comprised of numerous short stories. ‘Monica’, ‘Dutta Barir Ha Ha kar’, ‘Puri series’, ‘Banu nad Bhanu’, ‘Totally Tollywood’ and ‘breaking news’ are  some of them. The last one of of them is named ‘Jomaloy Jibonto Nighty’ and is being expected to be the most hilarious.

The bold Bengali actress Paoli Dam is going to be seen as the owner of the Nighty. The film also stars Parambrata Chatterjee and Tanushree in the lead. For the first time Parambrata will play the role of a journalist. Tanushree is potrtraying the character of an aspiring actress who, in the course of time, becomes successful with the help of Parambrata. They start developing feelings for each other in the process.

Paoli Dam plays a bar singer in the film who embarks on a tour to Puri with a rich guy but but things do not go her way and she dies and so does her unfulfilled love. The rich guy is being essayed by actor Indraneil Sengupta.

The movie is all about the pink nighty which is in search of love and will evoke romance in all the ladies to whom the nighty passes and their men.  The nighty is going to fall in the hands of Tanushree.

Reports indicate Tanusree’s character will have a tough time handling the nighty in the movie. The film also stars Jishu Sengupta in a pivotal role. It is said there are around one hundred and ten characters in the film.

Abhishapta Nighty is Birsa Dasgupta’s third film after ‘033’ and ‘Jani Dekha Hobe’. Interestingly all his films have Parambrata as a part of the cast. ‘033’ received a mixed review but was loved for its songs by the Bengali band Chandrabindoo, excellent cinematography by Somak Mukherjee and decent performances from all the actors of the ensemble cast. But the second film 'Jani Dekha Hobe' from his bag fell short of expectations.

Now it is time to see if this new idea can bring Birsa back into business.

Parambrata, who is having a happening year, is expected to give another fabulous performance in the film. The film also stars Rahul, Neel Mukherjee, Bhaswar and Biswanath Basu. Among the actresses there are Locket Chatterjee, Priyanka, Laboni, Miss Jojo, Tanima Sen and June Maliah.

We are optimistic the film will draw a huge crowd as this kind of concept is totally new at Bengali film industry.

Picture: Posted by Parambrata Chatterjee on Facebook