Makkhi (2012): innovative new age cinema (WBRi Movie Review)

Makkhi (2012) Hindi Film PosterKolkata, October 13, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio / Penning Creations) ‘Makkhi’, the most eagerly awaited dubbed Hindi version of the Telugu super-hit ‘Eega’, is a must watch film that speaks volumes in creativity, splendor, farfetched human thinking and most importantly, wild imagination. Director SS Rajamouli’s antics and experience is quite well heard of in South India but now he decides to extend his knowledge about films to the Hindi kingdom as well. Re-incarnation is an idea that has been tested over and over in Bollywood, mostly ending with unsuccessful and heavily panned criticism. But here in ‘Makkhi’, re-incarnation takes a whole new idea and decides to spring new surprises in the mind of the average viewer who comes to watch the film.

The film opens with a clichéd love story of Jaani (Nani), a bloke who falls in love with a pretty girl Bindu (Samantha Ruth). Bindu is the type of girl who prefers to test the love before saying a firm ‘yes’. So two years pass by before Bindu finally says yes. Jaani is overjoyed and goes on cloud 9. But all clichéd love stories have to go wrong somewhere and this one does too. Enter the villain Sudeep (Sudeep), a multi-millionaire industrialist who happens to fall very hard for ‘Bindu’ as well. Now, if you thought that there’s going to be a contest between the two boys for the girl, you are sorely wrong. Sudeep is the kind of rude hearted villain who would go to any extent to get what he wants. Thus without wasting anytime, he goes on to kill ‘Jaani’ and remove him from the picture completely. If you wondered about the direction of movement of the movie, well get this that the movie has just started. In order to avenge his own death and protect his lady-love, Jaani reincarnates in the form of a house-fly. Yes, you heard it right, a house-fly !!!  And this is no ordinary house-fly. It can do a lot of things, unimaginable through human vision. How an ordinary house-fly wreaks havoc in the life of Sudeep forms the entire movie.

Director SS Rajamouli and his creative team deserves a standing applause for first of all, thinking of one of the most widely imaginative topics to be introduced into mainstream celluloid, but also for delivering such fantastic VFX and CGI sequences that could challenge even the best technicians in Hollywood. The entire script on paper would seem to be the stupidest plot on earth, but then how the very same plot was converted into an inspiring and creative piece of cinema is one that has to be clearly appreciated. The entire acting team of Sudeep, Nani and Samantha has done a great job and do not blemish the essence of the movie. Music by MM Keeravani also blends in wonderfully well with the plot of the movie.

The movie deserves to be watched as it easily stands out from the normal breed of senseless movies and attempts to establish its creativity through the protagonist which is a normal house-fly. ‘Makkhi’ is the frontrunner of a new wave of Indian cinema that will simply baffle the entire world.

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