Adoore Bikel (Cozmik Harmony), a new Adhunik Album by Soma Banerjee


"Adoore Bikel" (A Doting Evening,to be exact or if I try to get a 'whiff' of the name in King's English, though I'm losing on many things here...) is a new Bengali Modern Song (Adhunik) Album that has eight new Bengali tracks composed by four composers (two songs each) which are sung by a new entrant in the field - Soma Bannerjee (I've simply followed the 'double n' in Banerjee, as it has been written on the CD Release Press Note), and the Album is marketed under the label of Cozmik Harmony, one of the very few promising Music companies hailing from Calcutta. 

This album was released recently at a colorful congregation down on Park Street in the semi-circular stage corner of Music World in the presence of Music Composer "Ashok Bhadra" (though he did not compose any of the songs here in this particualr album) and Vocalist/Composer "Rupankar". 

Apart from these two prominent members from the Bengali Music Industry, other consorts were also present to grace the occasion. 

One particular thing about this album which I'd like to point out in the very beginning of my review is this, that here in the instance of all the eight songs, all the four music composers have  penned each song, apart from composing it, which is quite notable indeed!! Poet and Music Man, all rolled into one...that's Great!

Out of all the lyricist-cum-composers of the post '90 era from the Bengali Music Industry pertaining to Contemporary times, I always counted myself (Nilanjann Nandy) in definitely, along with my favorite Nachiketa, Kabir Suman and Anjan (Dutt), at least from Adhunik / Modern Songs arena, or if you can call them Jibon mukhi too, if you please... the only difference between me and the above mentioned three brilliant composers I believe, is that -  most of my Compositions (including Lyrics) have been sung by other singers such as Usha Uthup, Nachiketa, Raghab Chatterjee, Manomay Bhattacharya, Anasuya Choudhury, Srikanta Acharya, Lopamudra Mitra, Swapan Basu, Amar Pal and others while Nachiketa, Anjan Dutt and Kabir Suman's compositions (including Lyrics), or should I say most of their wonderful compositions have been sung by themselves; all part of their runaway hit albums...Now- a 'word or two' to share with you:

"Writing a song and also composing it simultaneously, has it's privileges"......

For one - the 'metering' of each word seems perfect, and the tune is automatically blended with the couplets, as if made for each other. Here in "Adoore Bikel" I noticed the same pattern in each song, as Goutam Ghoshal, Biswarup G Dastidar, Sourish Bhattacharya and Rupankar eased away on their respective pens and minds creating eight Easy Listening Songs,  though all of them could not touch the coveted sky of Melody where it becomes hummable and finds a definite place inside you, the listener.

However the collective effort is commendable, the result clean and clutter-free music, though the interludes could have been a tad less monochromatic and of course better.


Soma Bannerjee's voice suffices and goes along with the flow of the song, and she lends moderate feel to each song and shows promise. But I feel her voice has not been challenged by any particular song here, and I hope that she gets to show her range by meddling into different territories of melodic journey in the future.

Partha Paul's Music Arrangement is crisp, but a notch more to the 'clock-work' kind of lay out which lacks kaleidoscope. The guitar section sounds chirpy but also seems lifeless at times (actually working on the same kind of sound often mars the spark), flute sounds better in parts. As far as my 'ear' goes, Goutam Basu's Sound Works (Recording, Mixing and Mastering), Studio Vibrations is "perfect", without a hitch! 

To sum it up I could say that this is a fair album with Light-Airy Songs which goes very well with a long drive out in the country, especially the opening track - "Sonajhuri Rastae" (Goutam Ghoshal), with it's foot tapping Reggae Pattern. Rupankar's "Neel Neel Ratri" is another song which demands attention along with Sourish Bhattacharya's "Kichhu Kosto", which is quite soothing in it's own way with it's words and tune flourish.

Reflections of Subhamita's "Batas Dakena" is evident (it should not have been though!) in the composition "Maula Maula", and incidentally the composer of both the songs is Biswarup Ghosh Dasitidar. Though  here in "Maula Maula" the captivating factor seemed to have waned a little.

In my opinion, the second song of the album - "Adoore Bikel" is Bochhor Ghurey... a typical dhaak flavored 6/8 number which definitely could have been avoided altogether, which simply does not 'rise' above the bowline!


The inlay design is minimal yet very striking and attractive as it is a common feature with most of Cozmik's albums (they always come up with very nice and soothing inlay designs) however, several silly spelling mistakes have been overlooked which simply cannot be excused.

To begin with, it should have been ACOUSTIC RHYTHMS (Not Aquastic), then it should have been MASTERED & BACKING VOCAL (not  Mastared OR Backvocal)! These should be checked immediately as it simply mars and tarnishes the 'image' of the album completely. There are thousands of Listeners out there who are quite 'sound' in their knowledge of English Language and loves to see that the language has not been played or tampered with- in any way...

actually the credits and the Spelling along with the layout goes a long way in building a definite 'image' for a particular album! 

All in all, I wish this album all my very best!