New Chandrabindoo Bengali Songs Album "Chandrabindoo Noy" Release

By Jyoti Prakash Mandal

Chandrabindoo Noye
Chandrabindoo Noi

Kolkata, Oct 9, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio) Bengali music group (band) ‘Chandrabindoo’ launched their album ‘Chandrabindoo Noy’ ending a long wait of the fans of the band. ‘Noy’ in Bengali has double meaning. It means ‘not’ and also refers to the numeral ‘nine’. Chandrabindoo came up with this album four years after their previous one.

The band is known for its off-beat songs and style of compositions. The band is also known for the queer choice of terms when it comes to naming their albums. When asked about the reason behind selecting such a name for the band, lead man Anindya unexpectedly came with some apt logic which perfectly described the naming of the album. Upal Sengupta of the band said, “This is our ninth album and thus the title goes with it perfectly. Moreover our band has nine members which can be another reason for the title.”

But one cannot help arguing that the name of the album, ‘Chandrabindoo Noye’ also takes it to a different perception that it is not Chandrabindoo's. Anindya Chatterjee, another lead man of the band, said “We have made this album in a way which is very unusual of us. Actually this time we decided to get out of our pattern and do something different. For that reason many in our audience may feel that it is not an album by Chandrabindoo. So we ourselves selected this name before others start saying that. The name will now provide a hint of what is in stock, or rather not in stock, for our audience.”

Anindya also said that ‘Chandrabindoo Noy’ is not totally devoid of the known flavor of Chandrabindoo. “We have composed some songs which retain the same old style for which our band is known for. While the other songs are of different dimensions. They are a bit experimental. But I hope people will like our new endeavor too.”

Chandrabindoo’s albums always consists of ten songs, one of their trademarks and their latest product is no different. Out of nine albums so far only one had been an exception which carried eleven songs. Songs like ’Evabe jai’, ‘Muhurto …’,”Bishadbari lane’  and especially ‘Hriday..’ will re-win the hearts of the audience addicted to Chandrabindoo's flavor of music, while songs like ‘Motamuti din kaate…’, ‘Adkhana Ador..’,’ Muhorto…’, and ‘Sokaler Alo tumi…’ will explore the latest innovative efforts of the band. The last song of the album, ‘ke nilo tar roop..’ has a chorus of singers apart from the band members and contributes to the experimental quotient of the album.

When asked about the delay and the long gap after which ‘Chandrabindoo Noye’ has come up, Upal said, “Our members were busy in different activities like writing songs for others,  directing music for films, creating jingles for ads and even painting. In the meantime we were gearing up for something experimental and innovative which we have not done before. That was the reason for this delay.”

Chandrabindoo also came up with a peppy declaration. They declared "After every four years World cups happen, Olympic and Commonwealth games also take place after four years. From now on after every four years Chandrabindoo’s album launch will happen."

The fans of the band may rue about the declaration later but for the time being they are sure to be engrossed in devouring the blend of old and new flavor of the band.