Ishti Kutum's Baha to play Ma Durga in STAR Jalsha's Mahalaya

Baha (Actress Ronita Das) of Ishti Kutum as Maa Durga

Kolkata, Oct 5, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio) This year for  Mahalaya, the Indian Bengali-language TV Channel STAR Jalsha (a service of News Corp. of USA) will be following the story in its original form of Mahishasur Mardini by Shree Bani Kumar in the voice of Shree Birendra Kishore Bhadra.

The music is being rearranged by Debojyoti Misra. This year Goddess Durga will be played by Baha (Ronita Das), popular in the Ishti Kutum TV series, and Mahishashur will be played by Dibyendu who played Ashur last year.

This year STAR Jalsha’s BAHA takes it upon her to destroy evil and tell the story of Goddess Durga in her own form  and dons the avatara of Ma Durga for a day. She requests viewers to come and support her as she stands up to cleanse the world from this demon, taking from the trust and love of her viewers.

The entire look and feel of the show is dreamy and Godlike. Fully composited first time ever in Bengali television, the entire 88 minutes of content will be graphically done.

Despite all graphical elements used, all costumes and attire will be Bengali, true to the culture maintained in hearts of Bengalis across the nation.

The entire show will be comprising of songs and dance performances by cast members mostly from the Jalsha family: JHILIK , TAPUR – TUPUR , ENA, PAYEL  ( TAPUR TUPUR ) , ESHNA  ( GHORE PHERAR GAAN ) and RATUL MASTER ( BISHNU ) , SAMRAT ( SHIV ). Most of the “ stotras “ will be choreographed  and performed to.

This experience can be relived on Monday October 15 at 5 AM.

Baha (Actress Ronita Das)  and Dibyendu as Ashura on Mahalaya Mahishasur Mardini on Star Jalsha

(via Neel B Mitra)