Indian Metal Band Chronic Xorn Release New Album "From Mercy"

Chronic Xorn - From Mercy

Kolkata, October 3, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio / Penning Creations) The band Chronic Xorn launched their album “From Mercy” at Music Kafe, Mudiyali in Kolkata in the presence of the band members and some renowned personalities from the music fraternity. It is being presented by the music company Rooh Music.

Chronic Xorn is an early metal band of India that started its journey in 2008. From its inception, the band has been associated with many other bands like Parkway Drive of Australia, NervoChaos of Brazil and Demonic Resurrection, Kryptos Scribe and others from India.

The release of their album “From Mercy” has raised the level of anticipation among the public of different countries and regions from all around the world. This band has already established good reputation and image in the minds of music lovers through their live performances and other shows with support of different national and international bands.

Gaurab Chatterjee and Pt. Subhen Chatterjee graced the event with their presence and expressed optimism the album will inspire many upcoming talented musicians of India to make a career in this field and also offer them a platform to come to the forefront. The members of this band - Suvam Moitra, guitarist and vocalist, Angshuman Majumdar, bass, Saptadip Chakraborty, Vocals, Biswadip Bardhan, guitars, Sagar Mondal, drums and Indranil Bhattacharjee, manager, were also present at the show.

Owner of Rooh Music Tomojyoti Mukherjee and their creative head Somnath Ghoshal are glad to support this kind of emerging talented artists. The album will be available in all music stores around the country at a very affordable price and they expect to have a good and positive response from all music lovers.

Answering queries on the name of their album, they disclosed it is based on the tracks of the album. The album is a story that revolves around a person who suffers throughout his life and also goes through a lot of pain and at the end prays to God for mercy and for a better life to lead. Whether metal or non metal music lovers, the members promise that it will be a hit among all of them and also expect to share their fascination through their music and tracks.

All members are positive about their album’s launch and are grateful to Rooh Music for their support. They will embark on a nationwide Music Tour and will be playing in fests supporting various international acts and in association with mainstream artistes and metal giants.