Lucknow Nawab Zafar Abdullah Opens Khulja Sim Sim on BIG Magic, Nancy Walks Away with Jackpot

Mumbai, Sept 17, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio) Khul jaa Sim Sim – the game of luck and chance with Aman Verma is already creating waves in the Hindi heartland of Central India on BIG MAGIC. With a promise of endless fun and entertainment for the audiences, along with prizes and goodies galore, Khul ja Sim Sim creates a connect with the audiences like never before.

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The opening episode of Khulja Sim Sim on BIG MAGIC promises to be one to watch out for. With Lucknow’s royalty, Nawab Zafar Abdullah opening the game and trying his luck in this game of chance, the show kicks off on a bright note.

However, it is the contestant that follows soon after, Nancy, who walks away with a grand jackpot! Winning prizes and goodies worth well over Rs.70,000, Nancy’s spirit while being a part of the game motivated others to try harder to walk away with grand prizes as well.

Aman Verma very easily recreated the magic that the show brought to audiences 10 years back and at the end of the day, it was evident that everyone present was dying to get their hands on the jackpot!