Jinvani Channel Celebrates "Paryushan Parv" 10 Days Jain Festival

Jinvani Channel
Jinvani Channel

Ahemdabad, 15th September 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio) The Paryushan Parv of the Jain community is a rigorous tradition of staying virtuous and regulating one's behavior. And ''Jinvani” channel of Sea TV Network Ltd, is bringing this annual Jain festival of Paryushan Parv, a period of self-purification of both body and mind, from September 19th-29th, through a number of programmes especially for the period of festivity.

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According to Mr. Neeraj Jain, CMD-Sea TV Network, “Paryushan Parv is one of the important and biggest festivals of Jain religion. This is a festival of self-purification and leaving all impurities behind. This festival lasts for 10 days and we have designed a number of programmes for Jain Devotees on this holy occasion. One of them is ‘Tattvarth-Sutra ki Vachana’, a programme designed in the form of sermon, based on Tattvarth Sutra, one of the most sacred epics of Jain religion. Self-study or listening to the depiction of this Granth is considered to be very auspicious and fruitful during this period and taking this belief into account, we have conceived this programme, which will be telecast every 11 AM, 4 PM & 9 PM during ten days of Paryushan Parv. The programme will start on 19 th Sept and end on 29th Sept.”

Citing high religious significance of the festival, Jinvani will introduce a number of Apart from that, Jinvani will also present a series of special packages based on Dus  Dharmas of Jain religion (ten virtues: Uttam kshama, Mardav, Aarjav, Satya, Shaucha, Samyam, Tap, Tyag, Aakinchinya and Brahmacharya) exclusively for the occasion. The ten dharmas or the virtues of the soul are forgiveness, humility, straightforwardness, contentment, truth, sensual restraint, austerities, charity, non-possessiveness, and celibacy. Ten days of the festival is dedicated to one Dharma each and every day, a special package based on the Dharma of the day, will be presented. With the experts’ guidelines, the programme will unravel all the minutes of Dus Dharmas, its connotation in human life and what & how to mark this festival.

Jinvani will also telecast Pravachans (discourses) of renowned Jain Saints on Paryushan Parv, which will help people understand how this festival intends to make transformations in ourselves and cure all the evils hidden inside.

So, stay tuned with “Paryushan Parv” only at “Jinvani” Channel through set-up boxes and also on Videocon D2H channel no. 684.

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