My Gift (Poem)

It was early in the morning 
my mother shook and nudged 
and poked but I refused to leave my bed. 
The bed was too warm, 
too comfortable and 

I felt a box being thrust into my hand. 
It was a fairly large box 
and it was wrapped. 

I leapt out of the bed in an instant.
 A present! 
The wrapping paper was smooth, 
black and starry. 
It was quite lovely but 
my thoughts were entirely 
somewhere else. 

My grubby little hands 
tore viciously at the paper
and I ripped the object out of its cage.

The soft ears flopped onto your head.
Your light blue fur was the smoothest 
thing I’d ever felt. Your ribbon was silky
and it shined brighter than the moon.

I hugged you dearly to my chest,
not knowing the days we’d spend together,
the spiders I’d use you to kill or
and the tears and giggles I’d pour into you.