Swastika Mukherjee, Mir & Ex-Cactus Dibyendu to Surprise in NANDINI (2011) Bengali Movie (Press Meet Photo-feature)

Actress Swastika Mukherjee at Nandini (2011) Press MeetKolkata, India, 24 October, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio / Sparks Call Tech) : Veteran director, Subrata Sen’s latest movie, “Nondinee” creates a stir in the tinsel town of Tollywood. Unveiling the exclusive first look of the movie before the media, Subrata Sen made his presence at the press conference held at Hotel Hindustan International (HHI), Kolkata accompanied by two of the three main star-cast of the movie, Swastika Mukherjee and Mir.

Though the story of “Nondinee” is seemingly uncomplicated and quite conventional, it explores the much-used concept of the “eternal triangle” from totally a fresh perspective. It revolves round the life of Nondinee, played by Swastika, who is a modern-age, career-oriented woman happily married to her engineer husband, Aniruddha, played by Mir. Overworked and busy-round-the-clock, Aniruddha hardly gets to spend time with his wife which keeps her craving for physical companionship and more. Here enters the suave and flamboyant Deep, a fashion photographer, played by singer-turned-actor, Dibyendu Mukherjee who comes to the rescue of the damsel-in-loneliness.

Having captured the attention of the international audience with his off-beat and overtly controversial films like, “Nil Nirjone” and “Bibar”, Sen has built-up waves of expectations yet again. Centered on a topic that has a global appeal, Nondinee will be liked by movie-goers of all tastes, claims the confident director. Speaking about the unusual star-cast of the movie, Sen had said that since Swastika and Mir have never before appeared on the silver-screen together, the audience can definitely expect something new.  Talking of Swastika, the Director emphatically said, “She has justified the role of Nondinee – ek kathay, fatiye diyechhe! “. In fact, he even mentioned the possibility of her grabbing awards for her exceptional performance in the movie. Even Swastika’s co-actor Mir was all praises, “This is Swastika’s film…it rests on her shoulders.”  She is, indeed, the protagonist who gets to create a range of emotions that sets the mood for every scene.

Nandini (2011) Tollywood Kolkata Bengali Movie PostersAccording to Swastika herself, this movie is a reflection of the today’s changing relationships, an urban concept that every modern individual from any corner of the world can relate to. She also adds that “Nondinee” is a movie that explores the fine tuning between a mind that is tethered to the feeling of right and wrong and the simple urges of the body.

Another surprise awaiting the audience will be the role of Mir. For “Nondinee”, Mir has stepped out completely of his funnyman image and has stashed aside his celebrated rib-tickling, side-splitting comedy for a more layered and complicated role. Mir, nevertheless, quips that the war of words between the couple will definitely make up for the missing comedy. The quintessential funnyman recounted his first association with Subrata Sen, which had been back in the year 2002 when he had acted in his telefim, “Shirin Ra”, his first-ever venture into acting.  Breaking away from his anchoring genre this time, with his crisp wit and an intriguing performance, Mir is definitely a plus-point for the movie, although he concedes, “Acting is an unknown field for me…I’m more of a committed anchor.”

Missing from the scene, however, was Dibyendu who was busy at a music launch in Mumbai and hence could not make it to the event. His co-actors, Mir and Swastika were unanimous in their approval of his effortless acting, “Dibyendu is exceptionally talented”, said both of them. The Director, too, was hopeful of surprising his audience with this new-found treasure of an actor who had previously grabbed attention as a vocalist in the Bengali rock-band, “Cactus”. Apart from the main trio, the cast also includes theater stalwarts such as Bratya Basu and Kamalika.

In terms of music, the music director of “Nondinee”, Chandan Roy Chowdhury has experimented with trans-genre styles of music. The music composer for films like “Maha Prithibi” and “Mullick Bari” has kept the background score mellow and has avoided going over-the-top for this movie. With a remarkable blend of Rabindrasangeet, Baul and Fusion, the maverick music director has used the voice of seasoned singers like Nachiketa, Jojo and quite innovatively, the band, Insomnia to render pieces that are sure to appeal to diverse music-lovers.

To sum it all up, “Nondinee” has the potential to pull audiences to the theaters. The press conference for the film did whet our appetite before its release; however, its fate at the box office is yet to be seen.

Here are few more pictures from the press event.

Nandini (2011) Tollywood Kolkata Bengali Movie

Nandini (2011) Tollywood Kolkata Bengali Movie

Nandini (2011) Tollywood Kolkata Bengali Movie

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