ROMEO (2011) Bengali Movie starring DEV & Shubhasree - A Video Report from the Press Meet

By Subhomoy Mukherjee

Video: Romeo (2011) Bengali Film Press Meet

Calcutta, Oct 19, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) Shree Venkatesh Films arranged a Press Conference on their upcoming Tollywood Kolkata Bengali movie Romeo on 19th of October, 2011 where Mahendra Soni, Shrikant Mohta, Sujit Mondal, Dev, Subhashree, Laboni Sircar, Sabyasachi Chakraborty and Jit Ganguly were present.

Actor Dev (Deepak Adhikari) and Actress Shubhasree (Subhasree) Ganguly - Tollywood Kolkata Bengali Movie ROMEO (2011) Photo Shoot
DEV & Shubhasree Ganguly in Romeo (Bengali, 2011). Picture: NEEL B MITRA & Shree Venkatesh Films

Tollywood hero Dev is acting in and as Romeo. He has paired up with Subhashree after two years - in fact this is the comeback film of Subhashree after two years and this is the third film of this hit romantic pair.

Subhashree, Dev, Sujit Mondol, Mahendra and Jeet
Subhashree, Dev, Sujit Mondol, Mahendra and Jeet

In an exclusive interview, Dev said he is very comfortable to work with his good friend Subhashree and he is expecting a grand success for the third film together. He expressed improvement in his confidence level after working so many years in Tollywood and is excited about his role in Romeo since this is the first time he is portraying a playboy.

This is his third film with director Sujit Mondal and he is very happy to work with Sujit and choreographer Baba Yadav again. Dev has lost considerable weight to be able to fit the role.

Subhashree considers Dev her friend, philosopher and guide. She has become a gym lover and diet conscious only due to Dev.  She too has lost a lot of weight for the role and is very happy to work in Bengali film again and that too with Dev. She is very excited about her role and locations of the film.

Jeet Ganguly is the music director of the film. He is now the most successful music director of Tollywood. He has conceptualized the songs for Romeo with new dimensions and every song is exclusive in nature. He has dedicated one song to ghazal samrat Late Jagjit Singh. Jeet believes the songs of Romeo are different from his previous creations. He always delivers hit songs and he believes Romeo's songs should be smash hits. He also conveys his gratitude to Venkatesh Films' Shrikant Mohta and Mahendra Soni for their valued suggestions to create the songs and for giving him full freedom to compose the songs.

Sujit Mondol is always energetic. His flamboyant presence made the day colorful. Romeo is his fourth directorial venture in Tolloywood after returning from Mumbai, and his third film with Dev. He considers Dev as his lucky hero as his last two ventures with Dev have become superhits. He expresses the concept of Romeo as quite new as Dev portrays the role of a playboy here and the plot is city oriented. He is also enthusiastic about the locations since this is the first time a Tollywood film has been shot in South Africa. He forced Dev to reduce weight to fit the role of a fresh MBA and has chosen Subhashree due to her looks, height and past performances. He said Subhashree has worked out a lot for the film and has done a great job. He considers Romeo as a new dimensional Tollywood venture and very hopeful about Romeo’s success. He wants to work with Dev and Subhashree again.

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