Paranormal Activity 3 (Film Review)


When I had first gone to watch Paranormal Activity, I came out of the theatre cursing myself for wasting my hard earned dollars. There wasn’t anything in the film except in the last five minutes. So, I deliberately skipped Paranormal Activity 2. 

Paranormal Activity 3 is actually far better than the first two and interestingly it is a prequel to the earlier ones and not a sequel that is normally common to all films.

If you’ve watched PA1, you’ll know the story of Katie and Micah. PA3 is about the child Katie (Chloe Csengery) and her sister (Jessica Tyler Brown), way back in 1988 and this time the ghost is Toby. He can create all sorts of nonsense in the house, damaging & breaking everything.

When Kristi begins to interact with Toby, strange things start happening in the house. Even though he is a play mate he creates havoc for the adults, the Mom and the Step dad who has a habit of filming everything…err, well, carrying a camera with him while rushing down the steps? Yes, to that extent. 

It’s once again a haunted kind of a house, dirty , shabby and dimly lit…perfect ambience for a ghost of any kind to get interested for a sleep over with the kids. The children are close to their invisible friend even though he is a monster and can be there even in the closet. Toby is good when everyone listens to him but can be dangerous when anyone defies him, even the kids. 

Paranormal Activity 3 is far better than the first two and there are a couple of scenes that could freak one out. Especially when the camera strapped on a slowly moving fan does bring some ghostly effects to the film. 

The cast is not the popular ones, but the kids perform well. To know what ultimately happens to Toby, Kristi and Katie, you must see the film. If you have not watched the first film, this one may make you want to watch the first two and if you’ve not liked the first two, you may like this.

There’s no expertise in cinematography or editing because it’s just a camera and  a videotape that are the two most important thing in the film other than the occasional ‘scary’ scenes. Overall, it’s a watchable film and not a bad choice for a weekend matinee.