KANKABATIR GHAT (1955, Black & White) Classic Uttam Kumar - Sandhyarani Old Bengali Movie by Chitta Bose (DVD Release)

Tollywood Kolkata Bengali Movie Kankabatir Ghat

Calcutta, Oct 12, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) Directed by Chitta Basu, Kankabatir Ghaat released along with Tapan Sinha's Upahaar (1955) in August of 1955 in theaters in Kolkata including Bharati, Rupabani and Aruna.

The star cast of the vintage B&W Classic includes Uttam Kumar, Sandhyarani, Chandrabati Devi, Master Babua, Ahindra Choudhury, Kamal Mitra, Anup Kumar Das, Santosh Sinha, Shyam Laha, Anubha Gupta and others.

The Music Director is Kalipada Sen. The film was produced by H N C Productions.

The film is unusual in that the antagonist is a woman.

Sandhyarani plays the character of Sheela, a girl born and named Uma to Kankabati Mukherjee & her husband in the village of Atashi. Kankabati had sacrificed herself to the river Ganges in the belief that her action would result in her husband recivering from grave illness (a belief popular in rural India). Mr Mukherjee does get well, but loses his mind, and his baby daughter Uma is snitched by Chameli who brings her up as Sheila.

Eventually a young and beautiful Sheila falls in love with Pradip, played by Uttam Kumar - but Chameli manipulates them into a breakup, but not before Sheila becomes pregnant. Sheila leaves Chameli and brings up her son while living in the residence of Mr Mukherji, who eventually discovers Sheila is his long lost daughter Uma. Pradip, who by now has married again, also discovers Sheila and his son, but is struck by severe illness.

Tragedy strikes Mr. Mukherji twice as Uma also becomes a sati by commiting suicide in the ganga so that Pradip is cured. Pradip and his second wife then adopt Uma's son as their own.

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