Video: Shakal Pe Mat Ja (2011) Hindi Movie Music - Title Audio Song (Uncensored)

By Raksha Narang

Shakal Pe Mat Ja - Bollywood New Movie Poster
Shakal Pe Mat Jaa – Hindi Movie Poster

Mumbai, Oct 10, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) The title track of Bollywood Hindi movie Shakal Pe Mat Ja (2011), aka SPMJ, has been released.

This version was rejected by the censor board and yet here is the official uncensored version of the song, performed by Honey Singh who is famous for his explicit songs.

The lyrics of the track are catchy and explicit. It has a tune that will catch that part of your brain which will just not let you go.

The song is just what the youth demands and is going to be the next in the league of ‘Sutta Na Mila’ fame.

The video is whacky and just in tandem with the lyrics of the song. If you like song, then you got to like the video too!! Shakal Pe Mat Ja Pandu.

Watch the Title track of Shakal Pe Mat Ja.

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