Anjan Dutta's ABAR BYOMKESH (2012) Detective Crime Mystery Series Bengali Movie Adapted from Chitrachor Poster, Trailer Released

Abir Chatterjee as BYOMKESH BAKSHI in ABAR BOMKESH (Bengali, 2012) Tollywood Kolkata New Bangla Movie

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Harrison Road & Strand Road in Calcutta around 1945 where Byomkesh and Ajit lived. Image via Wikipedia

Calcutta, Feb 22, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio) Abir Chatterjee will resume his much acclaimed portrayal of the legendary Satyanbeshi (seeker of the truth) in the next Byomkesh Bakshi film "Abar Byomkesh" directed by Anjan Dutta.

The film is set for a release date in March of 2012, according to the latest updates from the producers DAG Creative Media Pvt. Ltd.

The Bengali feature film is adapted from the story "Chitrachor" by Sharadindu Bandopadhyay (1899 - 1970). Incidentally, this is the story that claims farmers burn their crops in the United States to inflate prices; it is not clear where Sharadindu obtained this information from.

Saswata Chatterjee will play Ajit, and actress Ushasie Chakraborty will play Satyabati. Swastika Mukherjee will play Rajani - the daughter who was married when barely a teen and widowed immediately after who will turn out to be very mindful of not hurting her father by marrying again - widows remarrying is a taboo in India.

Sharadindu's story starts off with Byomkesh recovering from grave illness - Satyabati (who herself has lost considerable weight over Byomkesh's ailment) promises to serve him chicken broth and toast for dinner, while Ajit and Satyabati will enjoy the chicken itself ! All this does not take place in Kolkata, however - the trio are spending a quiet vacation away from the metropolis, with the change of air doing wonders for Byomkesh as the doctor had hoped for. They have rented the first floor of a house whose owner, Prof. Adinath Som, lives upstairs. The only other local Bengali they have developed an acquaintance with is Dr. Ashwini Ghatak, for obvious reasons.

A remarkable sequence of events starts with an apparently inconsequential theft of a photograph from the residence of Mahidhar Chowdhury, a popular and prosperous local gentleman. The local Police Deputy Purandar Pande does not see a lot of mystery in a picture going missing, but Byomkesh smells much bigger foul play. Especially since the photographer Nakuleshbabu reports that he is unable to find the negative, either. Eventually it turns out someone has made sure no copies of that picture exist !

Teaser video - Abar Bomkesh

Parallel stories of relationships, including a forbidden romance between Dr. Ghatak and Mahidhar Chowdhury's widowed daughter Rajani, marital discord between Prof. Som and his wife, and so on serve to make the environment more mysterious. Prof. Som is also observed to stealthily leave his house late in the night by Ajit.

A local alcoholic who has photographic memory and great artistic talent of reproducing faces from memory using crayons on paper ends up dead in a well. It is time for Byomkesh to start to unravel the mystery.

Anjan Dutta's adaptation has only subtle differences. The film will be shot in picturesque locations in North Bengal.

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