Indian Film-Maker Hemant Gaba's Debut "Shuttlecock Boys" (2011) in Three US Film Festivals

Trailer - Shuttlecock Boys

Ahmedabad, Gujarat, September 30, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio / India PRwire) SHUTTLECOCK BOYS, an independent feature film by all first timers that started as a TEST, a TEST that the director Hemant Gaba gave himself - if he can make a feature length film is all set to hit 3 back to back film festivals in US starting with Chicago South Asian Film Festival on 2nd Oct followed by Seattle South Asian Film Festival on 8th Oct and ending with Gotham Screen International Film Festival in New York on 14th Oct, according to a press release.

The Seattle Premiere of Shuttlecock Boys produced under Pennywise Films will also coincide with International Film Festival Ahmedabad scheduled from 6-9th October where it has been selected in the Competitive Category. Pennywise Films's other feature documentary STILL STANDING directed by Pankaj Johar also features in Chicago South Asian Film Festival. Pankaj Johar is also the producer of SHUTTLECOCK BOYS and will be travelling to US to attend all the 3 premieres.

Shuttlecock Boys tells the story of 4 boys Gaurav, Manav, Loveleen & Pankaj who embark on an eventful journey of "doing something on their own", a decision that they take while playing their regular badminton game one night on the streets in their neighbourhood. The story explores the lives, successes & failures of these four friends who hail from lower income group families of Delhi. The question these characters ask themselves is - Should we accept what life offers to us on a platter OR should we try to chase our dreams? This journey of chasing their dreams becomes the litmus test of their determination, courage, luck & spirit of the friendship.

The middle class of India has always taught their children to stick to secure jobs and not take any risks. The lead characters in the film create an experience of the energy and vulnerability of today's youth who choose to take the road less travelled. The story originated from the director Hemant Gaba's years of growing up, out of his personal experiences of being stuck in monotonous 9 to 6 jobs and his willingness to charter into unknown territory of doing something on his own - that the middle-class parents always dread.

Hemant along with the producer Pankaj Johar spent only 35 lakhs on the film which came mostly from their personal savings and loans from friends & their families. Despite being an inexpensive film compared to the bollywood standard, the filmmakers have had a hard time finding a distributor. As the director puts it "Networking, relationships & money work in this close knitted film industry; with outsiders it's always a tough game but lot of filmmakers have done it with their talent, hardwork and persistence and we shall follow the same path."

Hemant had worked in the software industry for seven years before charting his own journey into filmmaking, after some training from School Of Visual Arts in New York.

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