Durga Puja 2011- The United States of America

Michigan: Washington Bangla Radio: Bidisha Bagchi

Bengalis are there all over the World and it is said that wherever there are 3 Bengali families, there has to be a Durga Puja. Well, may not be quite true but the fact that Durga Puja is ‘Sarvajanin’ i.e. for everyone, Bengalis try to start a Puja whenever there are enough number of enthusiasts. Calcutta has the cream of Pujas but this feature is about the Pujas that are held in United States, organized by the NRIs. 

A big Thank You to all the Puja Committees & friends around the United States for sending in the best photos :-)

Bengali Association of Minnesota: (BAM):  Bengali Association of Minnesota was formed in 1990 by the community members. The old hindu temple was used for the place of meetings and discussions then. The association was started with no financial assets, no constitution and no membership fees. Many dedicated volunteers came forward to help the organization. 
Since then the community has grown up by leaps and bounds. Currently, the Bengali Association of Minnesota has about 350 members.
This year's Pandal was set up like a hut in a village of West Bengal.

(Photo Courtesy: Bengali Association of Minnesota)

South Bend (Indiana): Organised by Chhandam, the local Bengali group. The unique idea of Prof. Amitava Dutt of the University of Notre Dame, (Indiana) brought Bengalis from state and neighboring states together to celebrate Durga Puja. This is the second year for Chhandam and the arrangements were good. This year the Puja has been done exclusively by the Bengali community (no contributions from anyone other than Bengalis). Families could even sponsor the Puja with their own personal contribution. The arrangements included elaborate Prasad, bhog and a vegetarian meal. The Puja was held in the Hindu Temple complex in the same city.



Bengali Association of Dallas Fort Worth (BADFW): 

BADFW has been organizing Durga Puja for the last 26 years and everytime it has been a huge success. This year's festivities were adorned by famous danseuse Tanushree Shankar and her troop. The other cultural programmes included a musical evening by Bollywood's current singing sensation Anweshaa.


(Photo Courtesy: Ratna Mukherjee, Plano, Texas)




Cultural Programme

(Photo Courtesy: Saibal Bhattacharjee on behalf of BADFW)

Bengali Association of South Florida: (BASFL)


(Durga Protima)




(Cultural Programme)

(Photo Courtesy: BASFL)

New Jersey-Kallol


(Photo Courtesy: Sonia Das & Saurab Basu)

Kansas City Bengali Association (KCBA) :





( An evening musical concert by Sanchita (Sa-Re-Ga-Ma-Pa Little champ 2006) and Prantik Sur (Champion in Sa-Re-Ga Hunt) from Mumbai)


A Terracotta Durga Murthi ctreated by Laura Harris-Gascogne, a christian artist and educationalist from Kansas City area. She has worked with Kansas City Bengali Association (KCBA) to promote "Interfaith Culture and Belief" and created this piece of art for KCBA. We displayed this murthy at our Durga Puja hall. Her work, to the best of my knowledge, is the first attempt for any Christian artist to create idol for Hindu Goddess, which is worshipped in a Hindu Puja festival, and a big step towards the publicity of interfaith belief. Interfaith is one of the most important concept of modern unrest world where 90% of the wars and terrorism are created by religious disrespect.

(Photo Courtesy: Mr.Debashis Haldar, President, KCBA)

Bengali Association of Greater Sacramento, California (Ankur)



(Cultural Programme)

(Photo courtesy: Ankur)

Bengali Association of Greater Chicago (BAGC): Oswego. IL




(Puja Stalls)


(Cultural Programme)

(Photo Courtesy: Ms.Sonia Das)

Greater Richmond Bengali Association (GRBA):


(Photo Courtesy: Mr.Abhishek Ghosh, President, GRBA)

Bengali Association of Greater Rochester (BAGR):



(Photo Courtesy: Mr.Siddhartha Bhattacharya, BAGR)

Bengali Student Society of Minnesota (BSSM)




Sandhya Arati


Cultural Programme: Bihu: Fagunero Mohonay


Cultural Programme: Fashion Show: Aami Miss Calcutta

This is the seventh year of Durgapuja Celebration of Bengali Student Society of Minnesota. We celebrate it in University Campus of University of Minnesota to encourage student participation and promote cultural diversity. This year we celebrated it in the St. Paul Student Center Theater and we had a 300+ crowd. We had the pujo ceremonies and pushpanjali in the morning, screening of 'Charmurti' in the afternoon, sandhyarati in the evening followed by our cultural show. The program schedule was interspersed with lunch (khichuri, labra and chutney), cha-singara and a heavy dinner.  The main features of the cultural show consisted of  dances (bihu, katthak, a dance drama based on jamunaboti -saraswati by Sankha Ghosh, western rythm of Taal se Taal mila ), songs ranging from agomoni and rabindrasangeet to modern bangla band, a fashion show 'Pujor Saaj : Ekal ebong Sekal' depicting the difference in bengali pujo fashion of past and present (with appropriate old or new songs in the background and a narrative voice-over conversation) and a cowboy musical 'Delilah Rose', based on the story of Mahishashurmardini (a complete in-house production of University of Minnesota Students).

(Text & Photo Courtesy: Subhrajit Roychowdhury & Bengali Student Society of Minnesota-BBSM) 

Bengali Association of Greater Atlanta (BAGA)



(Photo Courtesy: Pritha & Aniruddha Bagchi, Atlanta)

Bay Area Prabasi : Bengali Cultural Association, California:



(Singer Abhijeet Bhattacharya playing Dhaak)


(cultural programme)


Food glorious food

(Photo Courtesy: Sudip Das & Prabasi)

Soikot: Bengali Association of Greater Tampa, Florida 



Musical Programme by Bhoomi

(Photo Courtesy: Soikot)