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Mukherjee family Durga Puja

Calcutta, Sep 1, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio / IBNS) Considered to be one of the oldest in the city, the puja had begun 277 years ago by Iswar Jagat Ram Mukherjee in his household.

During that time, Jagat Rama's daughter was insulted at her maternal uncle's house where she had visited to celebrate the festival.

In the following year, she saved money which she had earned by selling broomsticks to her father to perform Durga Puja.

It was first performed on the 'Ghot' and later on shifted to 'Pot'. About 100 years ago Ishwar Jadunath Mukherjee made a Durga Idol of gold.

Durga Puja in the Mukherjee household and that of Krishnagar's Royal family is conducted according to the same scriptures (Puthi).

The Lion's face resembles a horse and the Chalchitra has Lakshmi, Saraswati, Ganesh and Kartik.

It is made of an alloy of eight metals. Beside yhe idol of Durga her 'sakhi' (companions) were also present until 60 years ago when they were stolen. Their place still remains empty.

The ritual of sacrifice to the deity is performed on the ninth day of the puja that is on "nabami".

They sacrifice goats at the alter of the Goddess. But they symbolically sacrifice sugarcane and pumpkins too. With vermilion a human figure is drawn on the pumpkin, which is then sacrificed. Kumari Puja and Sodhoba Puja are performed on the Nabami day.

On this very day, members of the family play with mud. Immersion of the Goddess is quite different from that of the others in this household. The 'Kala Bow' or the nabapatrika is immersed in the water.

Before immersion the idol of the Goddess is covered with a red cloth. After immersion the red cloth is removed.

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