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Darji Parar Daw Barir Durga Puja

Calcutta, Oct 1, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio / IBNS) There is a history behind the Darji Parar Daw Barir Durga Pujo.

Head of the family Ramnarayan Daw's daughter Durga Rani was married at a very early age. She died from diarrhea when she had returned to her parents' place two days after the marriage as per the Bengali marriage rituals (Dhulopaye).

On her remembrance Ramnarayan started worshipping Abhaya Durga (one of the many forms of the mother Goddess).

Since the puja was in the memory of his daughter, the Durga idol has a greater resemblance to the human female.

Here Ma Durga is Dibhuja (two armed, unlike the traditional ten-armed idol), hair tied with red ribbon, anklet embellished feet resting on lotus. The Puja (Bodhan) started from the day after new moon day (i. e. Pratipad tithi).

The old puja courtyard of Ramnarayan was on Jay Mitra Street. Sadly, now the courtyard is no more. Jatindramohan Avenue built later devoured it.

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