Sick and Sicker: ObamaCare Canadian Style (2010) Film Exposes Obamacare Just Before Elections

Los Angeles, CA, October 30, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio / PRWEB Press Release) Barack Obama definitely wasn't born in Canada but a new movie warns that Canadian-style healthcare is the goal of ObamaCare. Released just before the November elections the movie "Sick and Sicker: ObamaCare Canadian Style" has Canadians exposing the truth about government run medicine. Several Canadians in the movie, who complained about long waits for treatment, died before the movie was completed.

The producer, Logan Darrow Clements, interviews doctors, patients and journalists as well as a Member of Parliament and a former Health Minister. In one scene Clements rents a Canadian hospital to make a point. Animations show the magnitude of waiting and how politicians flee the system.

The 50 minute movie is available as an instant download through the website

In a historic first, the company will sell screening rights through the Internet to allow anyone to screen the movie in their community and keep the money from ticket sales. Toward this end a higher resolution version of the movie will be made available Saturday afternoon for Tea Party activists, political campaigns, non-profit organizations and individuals to show in a projectable format in their communities. Organizations and individuals will be able to instantly download this high resolution version of the movie and project it to a movie screen using a projector they can rent or buy from an office supply store or hotel convention services company.

The movie's producer hopes that Sick and Sicker: ObamaCare Canadian Style can be shown across the nation on Sunday and Monday. The producer will be available to participate in question and answer discussions around the nation after local screenings by web cam or telephone.

- prweb