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The drama “Prothom Partho” was written by Sri Buddhadev Bosu and is based on the “War of Kurukshetra”, fought between the Pandavas and Kauravas for the power of Hastinapur, as per the great epic Mahabharat.

Karno is the central character of the story. We also come across two old Brahmins, who act as the narrator during the course of the radio play. The other characters in this drama are – Kunti (mother of the Pandavas), Draupadi (wife of the Pandavas) and Krishna (a person with great political & analytical mind and a well wisher & good friend of the Pandavas).

For making the broadcast more interesting, the radio play has been segregated into 3 parts, where Kunti will feature in Part1, Draupadi in Part 2 and Krishna in Part 3.

Links to the three parts:


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The play begins on the last afternoon before the great war commences. In this part the two old Brahmins and Kunti are trying to convince Karno that he should quit the side of Duryodhana, the eldest Kaurava and join the Pandavas in the war, as, which revealed during the course of this part, he, like the Pandavas, is also a son of Kunti and his father is Surya (The Sun). Kunti’s other name is Pritha and that’s why Karno is referred to as “Prothom Partho” (the first child of Pritha). Though Karno initially became angry that Kunti abandoned him, as he was born before her marriage, and thereafter became emotional, as he came to know his real mother, but he held firm and decided to fight the war taking the side of the Kauravas.


  • 1st briddho : Sri Subho Basu
  • 2nd briddho : Sri Arnab Roy Choudhury
  • Karno : Sri Debashish Raychaudhuri
  • Kunti : Smt Aditi Gupta