Rising Cases of Identity Theft In India Examplified By The Nitin Walia Case

CALCUTTA, Oct 29, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio / openPR) With the increasing penetration of computers and internet there is huge splurge in cyber crime. Nitin Walia is yet another victim of Cyber abuse in India although the case did not reach upto the stage of any financial transactions or heavy loss but a widespread case of Identity Theft or Website Spoofing can entirely crush the online reputation of an individual. Mr Nitin Walia claims Nitinwalia.com is a website created by another person in order to sabotage his image and reputation on the internet.

Mr Nitin also claimed that the website has been stuffed with false claims and unconfirmed accusations.

Identity theft is quite common these days, especially since people have access to the technology which makes it possible. Identity theft is when a website is created as a hoax, with every intention of deceiving or misleading the readers about the products and identity of an individual or an organization. The objectives of identity thefts can be fraudulent – usually associated with phishing or perhaps to criticize or make fun of the person or entity that the spoofed site claims to represent.

According to the presiding officer of Cyber Regulation Appellate Tribunal Justice Rajesh Tandon, “Government should have an international conference for the enforcement of cyber laws as most of the cyber crimes originate outside the country”. This is one of the most important things that need to be taken care of as soon as possible. Cyber crimes are not limited to national boundaries. In most of the cyber crimes the victim and the criminal are from different regions, nations which bring lot of complexity and delay in attending such cases.

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- OpenPR

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