Miss World Peru in The Trinity 2011 Spring Collection fashion Show

Miss World eru 2009 CLAUDIA CARRASCO

New York, NY,October 29, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio / PRWEB) Hollywood Icons Productions H D presents "The Trinity 2011 Spring Collection Fashion Show", and Hollywood Icons Productions Red Carpet Gala with special guest Miss Peru 2009, Exotic Cars, professional Salsa Dance Show, live performances including Latin artist Oro Solido.

This special event is taking place at Mark7 Studios (- former Univision Television building), 24 Meadowlands Parkway (- directly at Route 3, few min. from Lincoln Tunnel, Manhattan), Secaucus, NJ 07094 on November 6, 2010.

The Fashion Show starts at 7 pm, live webcasting to Radio La Calle mega 1030, and High-Definition broadcast with Ikegami H D K 7 9 E (- newest broadcast studio cameras). The Red Carpet event starts at 10 pm.

Over 50 fashion models, live music performances, celebrities, professional Salsa dance teams show.

Hollywood Icons Productions also presents its Comedy Reality TV Series: "Beg, Borrow or Steal" and its feature film production - "The Devils Triangle Adventure", directed by Kevin Connor, Producer Anton Werner, Writers: Dr. Robert Geis and Brad Venz.

Tickets: $40 at the door; drinks, refreshments are served.

Driving directions to this event: http://mark7studios.com/contactus2.php

For more info or sponsorship details ref. this special event contact:

Anton Werner, Chief Executive Officer of Mark7 Studios and Producer of Hollywood Icons Productions H D (- High-Definition Film, Multimedia Production Studios and Live H D television broadcast complex - 45,000 sq. ft. ], Tel: (646) 5751144, e-mail: anton(at)mark7studios(dot)com http://www.mark7studios.com

Hollywood Icons Productions H D produces films in high-definition and 3 D, Television Shows, Television Commercials, Talk Shows, Music Videos, music recordings, Special & Red Carpet events, Fashion Shows.

HoloPlus Multimedia Entertainment, managed by Anton Werner, specializes in mind-blowing live hologram shows in special arenas by converting live fashion models, dance performers, music performers, talk show hosts, film and television performers into large/ Life-Size holograms which are projected in the air in the front of audiences, supported with animated laser show, music and special effects.

Sponsored by: Mark7 Studios, HoloPlus Multimedia Entertainment, BIZ! Magazine, Black Tie International magazine, Radio La Calle mega 1030.