Lajja - The Shame (2010) Bengali film review - Joy Mukherjee, Moubani Sircar - the latest Bangla Terrorist Film from Tollywood

CALCUTTA, Oct 29, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio) Many Bengali films are being made nowadays on the theme of terrorism most of them terrible and this particular film is no exception. This film also features terrorists, but also consisting of Hindus rather than only Muslims and also the guess is that they are Bangladeshis and not Pakistanis for a change. This film features a lot of sequences which are ridiculous and one feels that the film is a little dated.

A terrorist, Salim Khan arrives at the airport with other gang members and is arrested. The terrorists decide to finish off the Commisssioner. When he arrives from London and is on his way back to the city, he is kidnapped by the terrorists, but Raj, a journalist who happens to pass by at that moment helps to prevent the kidnapping. The Commissioner is indebted to Raj and is willing to help him regarding any matter. Raj also runs into the Commissioner’s daughter, Shweta a few times without knowing who she is.

The Commissioner invites Raj on his parents' birthday party (they are both born on the same date). After Raj arrives at the party soon after, suddenly the terrorists arrive there and decide to take revenge. They kill the Commissioner’s parents, his wife, his sister and many other people at the party. They kidnap the Commissioner.

Raj manages to flee with Shweta and go and stay in a hotel. Raj is framed and the cops come to look for him, but afterwards once his friends explain things to the C.M, everything is settled. After they manage to flee, they are caught and taken to the place where the Commissioner has been kept. Meanwhile his fellow associates are killed by the terrorists though his mother is captured and is later brought to the same place.

The Commissioner is able to convince some of the terrorists that what they are doing is wrong and they will regret it later. These people suddenly turn against Javed Khan, the elder brother of Salim Khan who is their leader and the groups clash. Raj, Shweta, The Commissioner and Raj’s mother is freed by the former gang. The cops arrive along with the C.M and Javed Khan is killed by the Commissioner.

Joy who has been seen in a couple of films produced by Rose Valley films in the past and had been paired with only Sayantika in the past is seen with a different person for the very time in the form of Moubani. Needless to say the less said about their acting skills, the better. In fact this is Mouboni’s second film of the month and she is just as animated and comical as ever (of course regarding her acting abilities). Joy did well in Target and Hangover, but here somewhat he isn’t great at all.

Also one feels this film had been shot before the above mentioned releases of Joy. The music isn’t good at all and it’s time Rajatava stopped doing such irrelevant roles. Though he tried to be funny, he wasn’t at all funny. Here the Commissioner is shown to be around 50 yrs, but he should have been older. Raj is constantly referred to as ‘Sangbadik Raj’ even when he calls up the Commissioner. Why ? One thought that only Raj was a journalist, but then all his friends all turned out to be journalists as well. The point is most of them look and behaved like anything but journalists. In the opening scene when the terrorists (they are supposed to be extremely wanted terrorists) come out of the Terminal, they walk around as if they are in a park and resemble local hooligans rather than terrorists.

'Ei Ki Lajja'!