Mon Chai Tomake (2010) Bengali Film Review - A Halloween horror treat for Tollywood film lovers

CALCUTTA, Oct 29, 20101 (Washington Bangla Radio) Mon Chai Tomake is primarily a love story but also a semi horror film which somehow makes it different from the rest. It is not a full fledged horror film (thank God for it!) because this is a genre which Tollywood is not too comfortable handling as very few have been made and the ones which have been made are terrible. This film is about an young pair who meet by chance and then on their way back home to Siliguri encounter dead souls and one dead soul in particular in fact is so much obsessed with Ani thinking him to be her dead husband from her past life that she changes forms in order to just keep him in hand but yet can not win him over at the end and she goes back to the sky in the form of a star never to bother Ani any more!

Ani who is returning home to Siliguri meets a girl the previous day who asks him to help her friend. It seems that her friend also wants to go back to Siliguri as she has heard that there has been a bomb blast and her father can not be found, but she can not get any tickets to get back home. Ani is ready to help her (Rima) and both of them set out for Siliguri. They face an obstacle along the way when they stop at a dhaba and come across goons, but they do manage to come out of it. While traveling that night, they suddenly enter a haunted mansion and the entire area is spooky. Over there they see that the mansion is all lit up and marriage is about to take place. All the people over there and the bride claim that Ani had promised to marry that girl, but had not done so. Rima also asks Ani to marry that girl, but Ani decides to marry Rima to free the people as they wanted to be ‘free’. Ani marries her and they fall asleep at night. When they wake up at morning, they find themselves lying in an open space and no one around. They somehow manage to get out of that place and they head home. They go their own ways near a temple and decide that Ani will come back and meet her on his way back to the city.

Ani takes a project at a company where he has to shoot photographs for something related to environment and he stays at their bungalow along with Kalpana, his boss who also happens to stay there. Quite a few months pass, but Rima can not contact Ani and vice versa. Kalpana also happens to be the girl who is obsessed with Ani (the haunted mansion) and is actually her spirit who has changed forms. She wants Ani at any cost and gradually wins him over. Her dead parents also repeatedly visit her and tell her to stay away from Ani and go away as nothing can be obtained forcefully and he loves Rima and not her. Kalpana finally understands and tells Ani the truth. When Ani realizes the truth he heads back home. Rima meanwhile disappears from school one day and comes back to North Bengal to the same temple to find Ani. She decides to end her life and is about to leap from a point called ‘Suicide Point’ when Ani reaches there and saves her. Both the families of Ani and rim reach there as well as they had set out to look for them.

The film is extremely bad and the horror element makes it worse. It was expected that there would have to be something more in the story to stretch it after the initial meeting of Ani and Rima, but who knew that it would turn out to be a horror love story? The hero Kamalesh (from Mumbai, this is a new trend nowadays in Tollywood) is okay and Moubani as Rima just does not improve with any film of hers. In fact in this film Mouboni is still in school in Class XII. HM!

The music is by Bangla folk band Kaya, but it is not up to the mark. Also there are many unnecessary songs in the film. Pamela who was the heroine of Amar Sathi is seen here as Kalpana. Why does Soumitra Chatterjee act in such films is only something that he would be able to say as is the case of Subhashish Mukherjee as a goon here who is completely wasted and a misfit. Moubani is seen wearing sandals in one scene and school shoes in the very next scene! How did she manage to walk her way from Kolkata to Siliguri? The only good thing about this film is you get to see a lot of picturesque North Bengal.

'Mon Chai Na Tomake'!