Star Wars Clone Wars Ultimate Blaster Can Be Assembled in different ways to create different configurations

By M. Adams

Bought for my sons 4th birthday. He loved it immediately but it took about a week before he could handle all of the configuration changes on his own. That part of it seems perfect to me though, as he's developing some coordination with his hands while playing with this toy but it's not too hard for him to do, which would make him uninterested or have us changing it all the time. His little friend also loves it, I'm sure his parents will end up buying this too.

My older teen son likes to play with it also, which gives the 4 year-old an occasional play partner (he will even gladly let the older brother use the better gun cuz he's happy to have him playing guns with him). Heck, I even play with it with him sometimes! All of the visiting teens like it too. You get the picture, everyone likes it.

I won't give a description of what it does because that's already been covered, but I will say that it seems to be a very solid toy with sturdy parts and all the connections go into place snug and secure. I think a kid would have to pretty much be trying to break this for it to get damaged. BTW, one thing I didn't read on the use of it is that you get a certain amount of shots before it starts shooting much slower. At this point you need to "reload" by taking the ammo clip out and re-inserting it. One thing about price, I paid 38 which is what I saw it for at Walmart (before taxes too, of course). It's now a few bucks cheaper. It's a bit on the expensive side but maybe still worth it with the quality and fun-value. And if you can get the current promo offer (Capt Rex helmet or Light Saber) I think it's a great deal.

UPDATE: It took several months and a couple calls to Hasbro to finally get the Rex helmet. The helmet is neat but fairly junky, just comes apart too easily. Since the blaster was actually overpriced a bit I'm not too happy with that part of it, but I'd still highly recommend this blaster at the usual price. We've since bought another blaster for our 14 year-old son because he actually liked it so much he plays around the house with the 4 year-old. The blaster still seems very durable, very fun and just an all-around good toy.