BMW to introduce motor bikes in India - BMW Motorrad - Price & Specification Prediction

Calcutta, October 21, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio / BMW stands for Bavarian Motor Works, Global Auto giant. It is expected that BMW will launch its two wheelers in India soon. In a partnership with the Hero group, about 13 years ago, the company, German luxury car-maker BMW had tried to make a mark into two-wheeler segment of India.

BMW is planning another foray to push machines on to the luxury bike market this time. However, this time, the firm has to pay attention to the already established rivals in the premium bike segment.

A tremendous growth in the expensive automobiles sales has being seen by the Indian 2-wheeler industry and people can expect a lot more in the coming years.

BMW is introducing the two wheeler segment because of the demands of the customers that will act as an extra advantage to the firm’s potential in the country due to it has already increased its production of 4 wheelers in its Chennai based plant.

The premium bike market is very small, less than 500 units a year in India but it is an attractive segment, both in terms of growth prospects as well as branding opportunity.

While the earlier outing of BMW in India was not successful, in collaboration with Hero, BMW launched its F650 model but the venture did not take off. It is expected that this time the German company may be able to sell more bikes.

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