Apollo Says Over 80% Of Dog Owners Have Been Misinformed While Training Their Dog

Oct, 2010 (Washington Bangla radio / openPR) - "Stop wasting your money on traditional dog training methods" says Dan Bradie, an up and coming expert in the field of dog psychology, working with Apollo Inc. According to this expert and concerned dog owner, over 80% of dog trainers are not qualified to deal with the range of social issues that affect dogs.

Dan states that "Training a dog to do a trick or not to mess in the house is a lot different than trying to stop a dog from being aggressive, fearful or even listening to you, and obeying you. These are social issues that have not happened over night, and need to be properly addressed. Unfortunately most dog owners are not aware of this and told their dog is too aggressive or unmanageable by the so called dog trainers. This just makes the problem worse, as it will only progress to the point where most owners will just pass the problem onto someone else or go crazy trying to deal with it everyday."

Dan has a video blog, found here: dogobediencetrainingtips.blogspot.com/, and a active support system for those who are serious about learning dog psychology and properly attacking dog social issues. You can ind a range of free advice and tips on his blog like:

- Why proper leash training is the #1 technique that can solve most issues
- How to be the "Pack Leader" so your dog will always follow your every command
- Why over 90% of aggression issues are not that serious and can be easily handled
- How to stop excessive barking and actions like jumping on people
- Why the kind of energy your sending when dealing with a problem is very important

It is our hope, as concerned dog owners and lovers ourselves, that people will start to realize the importance about dog psychology, and that it is the only successful and permanent way to deal with dog social issues.

- openpr