World's first digital camera and printer combo small enough to-go - the Polaroid CZA-05300B PoGo Instant Digital Camera

Germantown, MD, Oct 23, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio) The Polaroid PoGo Instant Digital Camera is the first digital camera and printer combination that is small enough to take on-the-go. The digital version of Polaroid's iconic instant camera, the Polaroid PoGo Instant Digital Camera is a full-feature digital camera with an integrated printer. The 5.0-megapixel digital camera with 4x digital zoom has a 3.0-inch LCD screen, an SD memory card slot for saving pictures, and a number of picture enhancement features including red-eye removal, image stabilization, face tracking, and smile detection. No computer connections needed to print the 2x3-inch full-color, sticky-back prints and you can document each picture taken by including print dates or file numbers. The rechargeable lithium-ion battery lasts for approximately 20 photos before it needs to be recharged.

The camera features ZINK Technology - a radically new way to print - instantly. ZINK stands for Zero Ink - a new and simpler approach to printing where high quality, colorful, durable and affordable prints are magically created -- all without a drop of ink. The ZINK Technology, invented by ZINK Imaging, encompasses both the ZINK Paper and the intelligence embedded in every ZINK-enabled device. Over 100 patents and patents pending were generated in the development of this breakthrough technology.

The heart of this new "ZINK" category of printing is the ZINK Paper. The patented ZINK Paper is an advanced composite material with embedded yellow, magenta and cyan dye crystals, activated with 200 million heat pulses, in 30 seconds, in a single pass. With 100 billion crystals in a 2 x 3-inch print, the paper is 100-percent inkless. A ZINK-enabled printer uses heat to activate and colorize these crystals. Because there is no ink, every ZINK-enabled device has the unique benefits of being small, simple, elegant, and eco-friendly.

Polaroid is leveraging the ZINK Technology to bring a new family of digital instant products to the marketplace. The Polaroid Digital Instant Mobile Photo Printer is the first ZINK-enabled device available.

Alex writes from North Carolina, "I have been using various Polaroid cameras for years to support geology fieldwork. It's great to be able to take pictures in the field, print, and stick them directly in one's field notebook. I started with the "teenie" I-Zone Camera but moved to the Olympus/Polaroid Camedia C-211. The latter might have been the first and only digital camera that included a built-in Polaroid picture developer. I saw both the I-Zone and the Camedia become obsolete when Polaroid announced it would discontinue the production of film. Hence, I was elated to hear about the Zink-Polaroid Pogo Camera. For what I do it is perfect. It is MUCH smaller than the C-211 and the pictures are of much better quality. However, as noted elsewhere among these reviews, the camera is a "bare-back" minimal camera - no zoom, two settings (close-up and landscape), and very little battery life (I got about 3 hours out of mine). I have had issues getting focused images out of the "close-up function" - it's little improved from the point and click I-zone in this regard.

If you are a scientist or engineer in need of a convenient in-the-field-prints camera this is the best it gets - however, don't expect a sleek, small, fast, high-resolution, great zoom piece of art. It is not.

I am generally surprised to see how little advertisement I have seen for this camera. Most people have never heard of it and alarmingly, the originally flashy sales setups that appeared when it first came out have all disappeared. Indeed, two of the major retailers here in North Carolina who slated to sell the camera no longer do (although they still sell the individual printer). I suspect this camera might either be followed up by a MUCH more advanced version soon OR will be discontinued.

I would opt for the printer-only version of this gadget (a quarter the price of the camera+printer) at this point and wait for the Pogo 2.0 - assuming there will ever be one."

Camera Features
5.0 megapixel digital camera
3.0-inch bright color LCD for viewing images
4x digital zoom
SD compatible for expanded memory
Rechargeable lithium-ion battery

Instant Magic
Prints without ink using ZINK Zero Ink Printing Technology from ZINK Imaging
Smudge-proof, water-resistant, tear-resistant photos
No Ink. No Hassles™ - no ink cartridges or ribbons to throw away

Print and Share
2 x 3-inch borderless color images in under a minute
Snap, print, share - no computer connections needed
Peel-off, sticky-backed photo paper

Integrated Printer Features
View and crop images on camera before printing
Option to print date, file number
Add a fun border to your photo including the classic Polaroid frame
Automatically save photos to camera or SD card for downloading
Print in about 40 seconds
Print up to 20 photos per full battery charge

Accessories Included

    * 10 sheets Polaroid PoGo ZINK Photo Paper
    * Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
    * AC adapter/charger
    * USB cable
    * Carrying pouch
    * Wrist strap