Film Review: LITTLE ANGEL (2010) - a smart Salil Sarkar short film on socio-economic reality of India

Preview: Salil Sarkar's Little Angel (2010)

Germantown, Maryland, Oct 23, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio)  Little Angel is a master stroke of director Salil Sarkar who has directed a lot of telefilms and big screen movies for the popular TV channels and production houses. Little Angel is his recent effort. His last feature film was “Jhara Patar Bela” featuring Madhavi Mukherjee.

Little Angel tells us the tale of friendship between two little children, their captive lifestyles, dreams, and the reality of socioeconomic layers of the developing countries like India.

In the film, the two children belonging to two different socioeconomic classes of the country live on opposite sides of a road. One stays at the top floor of an apartment and enjoys all the basic facilities of middle class society. On the other hand, the other child who belongs to the lower class of the society and a natural victim of it, misses all basic rights and facilities of the country including education.

Another Promo of Salil Sarkar's Little Angel (2010)

Her mother is a maid servant and leaves the little girl on the pavement till she is done with her schedule of earning her bread. These two girls watch each other from the opposite sides of the road. The road remains as a divider between the two classes, however is not a barrier to their friendship. Despite all odds, the little girl dreams! She dreams of becoming like her friend who goes to school with her mother each day by ‘rickshaw’ and comes back also with her mother at the end of the day.

The length of movie is 10 valuable minutes. Salil did not use any formal language in the film except a touchy symphony, which flows throughout and helps the movie to spread the right message to the viewers through the latent language of cinema! The special attraction of Little Angel is the wonderful acting of the little girl Roopkatha, a bonus for all the viewers to watch the movie time and again.

A short film by Salil Sarkar
Producer: Mummum Films


Aparna Sarkar
Sarbari Chakraborty
Tithiparna Sarkar

Asit Biswas

Saswata Chatterjee

Sudip Das

Sambhu Munshi

Salil Sarkar

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