Bengali Movie FIGHT 1:1 completes shooting - a fresh film starring Satabdi Roy

SATABDI ROY - Tollywood Kolkata Nengali Film Actress at Chitrabani
Actress Shatabdi Roy at Chitrabani - Image (c) Aditya Chakrabarty / WBRi

Calcutta, Oct 22, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio) The shooting of a new Bengali film Fight 1:1 has just ended. It is based on the rivalry between two groups in college, one group whose allegiance is to Rohit and the other whose allegiance is to Julius group.

The college principal played by veteran Tollywood actress Satabdi Roy also has a very important role to play over here as she tries to maintain law and order as well as balance between the two groups so that they do not get too violent on campus. This is a new and fresh film and many people should be able to relate to it. Besides Satabdi Roy who plays the part of the principal, there are several youngsters like Raja, Mouli, Pamela, Raj, Moumita and others and it even features Paran Banerjee and even Tapas Pal and Dolon Roy in special appearances.

The film is directed by Debaditya and produced by Saibal Chakrabarty. The editor is Subrata Roy and the cinematographer Pratip Mukherjee. The music is by Rathijit Bhattacharya and the songs have been sung by Rupam, Abhijeet, the producer himself and others.

Satabdi Roy is the chief advisor of this film and has also written the story and the concept is also hers.

The last day of shooting took place at Chitrabani, a social communication center where a lot of courses related to fine arts are taught.