DUI PRITHIBI (2010) Bengali Movie Review - Dev delivers his best performance yet, Jeet and Koel live up to the hype

By Aditya Chakrabarty

Dui Prithibi Tollywood Kolkata Bengali Movie Wallpaper - poster of Jeet Dev Koel Barkha Bisht

Calcutta, Oct 19, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio) Dui Prithibi is supposed to be the biggest blockbuster of they season considering that it has a star cast comprising of Dev, Jeet, Koel Mullick and the super-hit music of Jeet Ganguly (and also Samidh-Rishi for this film). That is the reason it has been released on the eve of the Durga Pujas to cash in and make the best of whatever they can by from ticket sales to make it a success. Well, their intentions are good and so is the film as an entertainer as it has it’s share of comedy, drama, a little romance, catchy music and two superstars and a leading Tollywood queen together .What more can you want?

Trailer of DUI PRITHIBI (Bengali, 2010) feat. JEET, DEV, KOEL, BARKHA BISHT

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Though the film stars both Dev and Jeet, however the main character of Rahul belongs to Jeet and so right from the start you understand he is the main male lead while Dev just supports right through till the very end. What more can you say when Dev (Shibu) refers to Nandini (Koel) as ‘Boudi’? Well things couldn’t be more embarrassing for Dev. However one must say that though Dev has played a supporting role, he has not looked or acted any less than another male lead in his own way. In fact as Shibu, the illiterate, happy go lucky chatterbox thief who thinks of every other possible way of conning people of their bikes, he is excellent. In fact till date one can easily say this is probably his best performance till date.

Rahul, son of a rich industrialist has an easy going life and thinks that girls are just like games to be played with till he meets Nandini accidentally one day on the street when she asks him to help her take a pregnant lady to the hospital, but she gives birth on the way. Rahul‘s entire world changes after he meets her and he falls in love with her though it becomes a little difficult for her to accept him as she is from a different world altogether. When she goes to Rahul’s birthday party one day and hears some things about him i.e. a side to him which she knows nothing about, she walks away, but Rahul prevents her. While reaching her home, they have an argument in the car, Rahul loses control of his car and it crashes into a roadside tea stall and kills a lady. Nandini goes away though Rahul is hurt and admitted to hospital.

After recovering he decides that he must find Nandini at any cost and so he sets out to find her. On the way he comes across a happy go lucky somewhat illiterate Shibu who is a thief and a completely unscrupulous chap. Though his intentions are to rob Rahul of his imported bike, yet later on his intentions change and they become very good friends. When they go to Gopiballavpur, they come to know that she is not there and she might have gone to her friend’s place at a different place. When they reach there, they don’t find her there but come to know that she might have gone to visit her teacher Dr Subhomoy in Lalgarh. They set out for Lalgarh and even come across Nandini at a medical camp (when she attends to Shibu though he doesn’t know it’s her as Rahul hadn’t yet shown any photograph). They even come across Maoists who capture them along with another ex-Maoist. They get caught between the war between the police and Maoists and as a result when they try to flee, Shibu gets shot and dies. Rahul goes back to the medical camp where he comes to know that Nandini has gone to Kolkata to get supplies. Rahul goes to the station and finds Nandini. She accepts his love.

Jeet as Rahul, a rich industrialist’s playboy son is good too. Koel as Nandini, an orphan child who grows up to be a doctor and a do gooder to society and is always beside people is natural. Bollywood T.V actress Barkha Bisht (who is married to former T.V. star and Tollywood and Bollywood actor Indraneil Sengupta whose film ‘Autograph’ also released on the same day) who makes her debut in this film is seen in an item number and another song and is completely wasted. Therefore though all the four faces of the main leads (Dev, Jeet, Koel and Barkha) are there on the poster, after seeing the film, one will be completely foxed on connecting Barkha with the poster. The songs by Jeet Ganguly and Samidh-Rishi aren’t bad. One gets to Europe for probably just the second time in Tollywood (in this case it is Italy where one gets to see some exotic sights).

The spoiler of the film is Dev (Shibu’s) death at the end of the film. This is something which the public will not take kindly to nor accept it and that is why it might have been a little better had the sub plot regarding the Maoists and Shibu’s death not been there. Then everyone would have gone home happy. The melodrama especially when Shibu is shot was not required. Otherwise it is a blockbuster. Incidentally the other high profile release Autograph starring Prasenjit and Barkha’s husband Indraneil Sengupta is also releasing on the same day and both have been produced by Venkatesh Films.

One expected a better ending. By the way, the moment Dev's name was mentioned at the very end of the star cast as 'And Dev', one knew somewhat that things and specially the role of Dev would be different.