Movie Review: Rakht Charitra (2010) - Ramu Comes Blazing On All Cylinders

Movie Review: Rakta Charitra

Director: Ram Gopal Varma
Starring:  Vivek Oberoi, Suriya, Shatrughan Sinha, Abhimanyu Singh

Rating: ****

Welcome to ‘Rakht Charitra’, the world of blood and gore where the law of the jungle reigns supreme. The storyline based on the life of Paritala Ravi told by our gangster movie turned spook film expert Ram Gopal Verma does not waver from the facts preferring to depict them without trying to cushion the hard hitting effect of a film filled with violence.

The Goonda Raj where there is no sanctity of life , where the men are butchered without any qualms and their women raped without a second thought is highlighted throughout the entire length of the film making one squirm uncomfortably as the knives, guns, bombs and machetes are brandished gleefully by men who no know nothing but violence.

‘Rakht Charitra’ tells a fascinating tale although it is certainly not for the weak minded, nor can it double up as a perfect film for a family weekend out. The essence of the film is ‘revenge’ and most hard core Hindi cine goers can identify with the theme even without having any idea about Paritala Ravi, the main protagonist.

Vivek Oberoi plays the lead role who takes law into his own hands in order to avenge the death of his father played by Rajendra Gupta and brother (Sushant Singh). Paritala Ravi, whose name conjures fear in the hearts of his rivals as well as the police force eventually rises to become a minister.

There is absolutely no deviation from the fact  but the hard hitting incidents and powerful performances leaves one lost in the world of celluloid as one incident after another enfolds on the screen replete with blood splattered details. The first half of the film does not have too much to narrate with the killings dominating the screen but the momentum of the story gets enhanced once an actor turned politician decides to take Paritala Ravi under his wing.

The second half proves to be much more interesting with Paritala Ravi taking a respite from killing people deciding to tackle them from the corridors of power instead. The actors are definitely an asset with Vivek Oberoi breathing just the right amount of fire and venom, surprisingly. Shatrughan Sinha is excellent too and the scenes between him and Vivek serve as the finest parts of the film. However, Abhimanyu Singh playing the opponent is simply outstanding as the viewers cannot help but hate him for being so convincingly evil.

The film may seem a trifle too long and is definitely not for the faint hearted. However, people who love aggression and violence on screen are in for a treat as Ramu comes blazing on all cylinders. The Telugu and Tamil versions of the film are expected to do better at the box office as the people from down South would be able to relate better to the topic depicted.

-- Washington Bangla Radio / Pen Men at Work