Invest in Gold Coins to Protect Against Coming Dollar Devaluation Crash

Beverly Hills, Calif.,October 21, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio / PRWEB) Get ready for the biggest dollar devolution ever to hit the United States. In a few years, your dollars will be able to buy only a fraction of what they were able to buy a few years ago. Your money is quickly eroding under record budget deficits and, according to Global Gold Group, the only way to protect yourself is by buying gold coins.

“The government is going crazy printing dollars and soon everyone will be suffering from prices skyrocketing through the roof,” said Jimmie West with Global Gold Group. “We could definitely be facing hyperinflation in the future with an abandonment of the United States dollar as the international currency of choice. The best way to protect yourself is investing in gold coins.”

Experts have predicted the price of gold coins to hit at least $1,650 dollar an ounce next year.

“Investors all over China and India have been buying gold coins instead of United States dollars because they fear the coming implosion,” West said. “The situation will become very dire when the Chinese stop buying out Treasury Bills and interest rates shoot up like a rocket.”

Data has showed that since the beginning of the year, China has been selling Treasury Bonds and the Japanese government has stepped in to buy $55.3 billion worth to keep rates low. Without this support, current interest rates would be much higher.

“One misstep with the Chinese or Japanese and we are in big trouble,” West said. “Why would you risk your life savings with the valueless dollars issued by the Federal Reserve? Gold is the way to protect yourself and future of the ones you love.”

For more information about buying gold coins, including a free Investment Gold Guide and free American Eagle gold coin when you open a new IRA transfer or 401k rollover gold IRA account with Global Gold Group, please visit or call 888-700-4148.

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