ML-L3 Wireless Remote Control for Nikon D40, D40x, D60, D80 & D90 Digital SLR Cameras by NIKON

If you own a D70 you simply can't be without this item. Because Nikon chose not to include a mechanical cable release option (or an electronic one either), it is difficult to shoot at slow shutter speeds, even on a tripod, without getting camera shake affecting your images. You can use the timer, but that doesn't always work for your shooting situation. With this remote, you get the same basic operation as a cable release as well as a bonus that you can put yourself in front of the lens and use the remote to trip the shutter release. It also works in combination with the self timer. One small concern is that because it's an IR remote, you must point it at the sensor, which is on the front of the camera. This can be awkward standing behind a tripod, but not seriously. I really enjoy using this product.

Jason writes from PA, "When I bought this remote at my local camera shop, the sales person warned me that the remote must be in the frame of your photo in order to trigger the shutter release. This is not necessarily true. It will depend on the lens you are using.

The remote needs to be in front of the camera, yes, so that the IR receiver on the front of the camera can pick up the remote's signal, but depending on the lens' angle of view, you may or may not have the remote within the frame. Obviously, the wider the lens, the more likely the remote will be in the photo.

Another trick to avoid the remote being visible in your photo is to use the camera's timer. Set the camera to Remote Timer so when you press the button you have time to hide the remote before the shutter is released.

The remote's IR lamp is pretty bright too, so you can try bouncing it off any surface in front of the camera. If done right, the receiver will see the "light" but not the remote. An example would be you standing 2ft in front of a wall, camera pointed at you and the wall. You hold the remote in your hand behind your back with the remote pointed at the wall. When you press the button, the remote shines it's IR lamp at the wall and the camera picks that up without the remote visible to the lens.

This ML-L3 remote is really pretty nice. Very solid build quality, compact, has a pretty good range (the range is extended in darker lighting situations), and even comes with a nice little nylon cover to protect it. I definitely recommend it because there are times where you will wish you had such a remote and you'll regret not having such an inexpensive yet reliable piece of equipment."