DVD Review: New OSHO titles to add to your Osho collection “Sukh Aur Saundarya” and “Manushya Ka Arth”

 Mumbai, India, Oct 20, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio / Shemaroo) After the grand success of OSHO Talks in Hindi language, namely “Hansta Hua Bhavishya”, “Dhyan” and “Chinta aur Tanav Kyon?” Shemaroo brings new titles to add to your collection – “Sukh Aur Saundarya” and “Manushya Ka Arth” on DVDs.

“Sukh Aur Saundarya” talks about the life cycle that each one of us are a part of! It familiarizes us with the unknown and strange power that makes things happen as it happens in the world. It wants us to discover the true joy of our life rather than knowledge and be as innocent as at the time of birth. It guides us through an unknown path that leads us to happiness and satisfaction.     

“Manushya Ka Arth” explains the process of birth and rebirth and the way to get out of this cycle. . It guides you through the path of Salvation. According to Osho, the world is like a school and it illustrates the point - how it helps you grow His talks will surely enlightens your mind and help you explore your own self. It explains the feeling of love and its strengths. It also elaborates on the need of spiritual knowledge for a person.

Hiren Gada, Director Shemaroo Entertainment says “Osho and his Philosophy is gaining popularity with time as more and more people realize how amazingly it carries you away from all the odds of life.” He adds “Osho is also doing quite well on DVDs. Looking at its demand in the market, we are adding to our repertoire of Osho Titles.” 

Devendra Bharti (Trustee), OSHO International Foundation adds, “The beauty of an Osho Talk is that one is not being asked to believe or agree. Osho simply sets a stage and provokes one to experience mysteries of life in his own way, without a mediator. This is the reason why Osho hits a chord in modern mind and the demand for his audio and video talks goes on growing around the world.”
Enjoy Osho along with your family in comforts of your home!

The DVD is economically priced at ` 150/- each only.