Thank you Kolkata Police and DD Bangla for the show 'DIAL 100'

We all know that, the Englishman, Job Charnock was the real founder of our very own city Kolkata (previously known as Calcutta). At that time Bengal was a part of the Mughal Empire, but the Nawabs of Bengal were the rulers over here.

The Nawabs had to look after the law and order of Bengal too. But, in 1720(before the battle of Plashi), the East India Company formally appointed an officer to be in charge of civil and criminal administration

And, in 1794 (after the battle of Plashi)justices of peace were appointed for the municipal administration of Calcutta and its suburbs.

In 1856, the Calcutta Police became a separate organization and the chief magistrate of Calcutta, S. Wauchope became the first Commissioner of Police.

After the 15 th of August 1947,when our country India regained her freedom, the Calcutta Police was re-organised. Surendra Nath Chatterjee became the first Indian Commissioner of Police.

Kolkata Police is trying to become a real friend of the common people now a days. They are trying to come closer of the common people (the public) by different ways.

Some time, some where Kolkata Police arranges football matches with the common people. Kolkata Police has founded schools for the street children only. They are taking care of senior citizens too. Kolkata Police has opened toll free numbers to help the helpless people over and all. Kolkata Police is arranging live TV shows too for the common people only.

In our state,it is not possible for every body to view cable channels at all. These people can watch the national channels only. Yes, DD National and DD Bangla -- these 2 channels are the most reachable and viewed channels of this state - West Bengal.

We can watch a live TV Show organised by the Kolkata Police in the TV Channel called DD Bangla, every Suture Day at 8 PM only. The name of the show is ‘ Dial 100’(100 is one of the toll free help lines of Kolkata Police actually).

We can watch the live programs on different topics in the channel, every Sature Day at 8 PM. The 2 nd of October we have seen a program on ‘Personal Safety’. It was also a live telecast as a matter of fact. The Special Commissioner of Police -2, Mr. Banibrata Basu, the Special Commissioner of Police -3, Mr. Debashish Roy, DC Traffic Mr. Dilip Banerjee came to meet the common people in this program on that particular day.

Some people asked some questions about the topic of that particular episode- the ‘Personal Safety ‘. The 3 high ranked Police Officers gave them satisfactory answers as expected.

We have seen some video clippings too. From those video clippings, we have been informed that, many people are not aware of their ‘Personal Safety ‘ at all..

We got many informations and suggestions from The Special Commissioner of Police -2, Mr. Banibrata Basu, the Special Commissioner of Police -3 , Mr. Debashish Roy and DC Traffic Mr. Dilip Banerjee too.

These types of programs are al ways well come. And we should thankful to Kolkata Police for that undoubtedly.